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By Mulengera Reporters

A brother to President YKT Museveni, Gen Salim Saleh has this Saturday morning featured on Capital Gang talk show live from his Gulu enclave. He spoke about many things including advising the CDF and IGP to avoid prioritizing jailing riotous young people who will be arrested in upcoming security operations relating to the policing of the 2021 general elections.

“I’m advising you that you should begin holding those very many people I know you are going to be arresting in those other places and not Luzira. They are just emotional and not criminals,” Saleh said while handing over the list of government parastatal heads whose institutions’ premises should be used a holding grounds for some of those Kyagulanyi rioters ahead of their rehabilitation into more productive citizens.

He was appearing on the extended edition of the Capital Gang with others like CDF Gen David Muhoozi, AIGP Andrew Sorowen who represented the IGP, Ofwono Opondo, NPA’s Dr. Asuman Guloba and Andrew Mwenda whose views of trying to justify the state violence against Kyagulanyi rioters irked the General from Namunkekera who kept shutting up the veteran journalist from Kanyandahi.

Having perceived him as a sycophant, who wanted to outshine government spokesman Ofwono Opondo in defending state brutality throughout the show, Gen Saleh exhibited open resentment towards the views Mwenda was propagating including calling on the state to empower the police to brutalize rioters (basically jobless youths) more while investing billions in propagandists like him and others to sanitize police actions on radios, TV and social media platforms.

Mwenda, who Opondo says wants to create panic so that Gen Museveni gets manipulated to privately hire him as a private propagandist to defend the state actions, insisted it’s okay for the state to be the most coercive in the country’s boundaries because being ashamed of a brutal police force only portrays the Museveni government, which Saleh serves, as weak and crumbling which can only embolden the Kyagulanyi crowd.

Gen Salim Saleh insisted the state should never stop using the carrot approach towards such jobless young people whose anger he said is understandable from the point of economic deprivation. As if he had forgotten the discussion was live, Mwenda said many things aimed at emboldening Andrew Sorowen and others preparing to brutalize the Ugandan jobless youths even more.

To him, such is okay and the only problem in Uganda is that Gen Museveni and other influencers like his brother Gen Saleh don’t appreciate the need to adequately invest in PR and robust communication aimed at justifying police actions while defending government achievements. Gen Museveni recently said his track record since his days of FRONASA speaks for itself and he doesn’t require any PR efforts to deepen his popularity in the population.

Mwenda, who seemed to insist all is well in Uganda and the only problem is the government not hiring people like him to explain its achievements, registered his contempt during the show for Gen Museveni’s view of saying he doesn’t require any PR to increase his appeal to the population. At some point, a disgusted Salim Saleh sarcastically told Mwenda: “Why don’t we hire you to become the director communications for government?” And being one used to quick informal deals without having to account much to anybody for the monies advanced, the Independent news magazine proprietor simply frowned over that idea.

Explaining the numerous logistical and personnel capabilities that have been built in preparation for the voting day and after, Sorowen revealed that as Uganda Police Force, they are more than ready to brutally crush anybody who will dare stay at the polling station after casting their votes or trying to congregate around the polling stations in anyway. It’s such bragging by Sorowen that made Gen Saleh realize there was growing determination by the security forces to violently face off with Kyagulanyi’s youthful crowd.

And it’s against that background that the humble General from Namunkekera suggested the holding of such young men and women in non-prison facilities that can serve as holding centers or facilities ahead of their economic and psychological rehabilitation which he says OWC will be heavily investing into in close collaboration with agencies like NWSC, NAADS, UDC, NAGRIC, UDB, KCCA, UETCL, NEC, UNOC, PostBank Uganda Ltd and others.  Gen Salim Saleh thanked the heads of these parastatals for their readiness to partner with his OWC to spearhead the required transformation of Uganda into a middle income country and much more. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at






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