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By Mulengera Reporters

Under the chairmanship of their President Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu, the NUP newly elected MPs met and constituted themselves into a caucus. The Tuesday meeting took place at Kyagulanyi’s Magere home. A total of 50 MPs attended and some few others didn’t but sent their apologies through Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya.

During the meeting, a number of things were deliberated upon including the need for every MP to surrender a fraction of their salary towards the running of party business at the Kamwokya-based headquarters. The MPs unanimously agreed to part with a generous fraction to support the sustenance of the party President’s office and other obligations. The idea as to how much will be paid per month per MP was left for the SG Rubongoya to determine in consultation with the finance committee of the party. None of the MPs is expected to dispute whatever figure Rubongoya will resolve though some are willing to part with as much as Shs1m per month.

During the same closed session or meeting, the MPs also agreed on the need to have a disciplinary committee that will identify and sanction senior NUP leaders who defy official party positions by declaring support for candidates from rival parties. Though she wasn’t specifically mentioned, this concerns the likes of Betty Nambooze who publicly showed preference for Erias Lukwago for the position of Kampala Lord Mayorship at the expense of Nabillah Nagayi who was the NUP flag bearer for the position.

In Kiira Municipality, Nambooze endorsed Semujju Nganda and Latif Sebaggala in Kawempe North at the expense of NUP’s Jimmy Lukwago and Mohammed Segirinya respectively. In her own Mukono backyard, Nambooze also backed some independent candidates for councilor positions against NUP flag bearers.

In Masaka, Mathias Mpuuga, Florence Namayanja and Abed Bwanika were equally accused of using the NUP momentum to back independent Joan Namutawe at the expense of Harriet Sebuwufu who was the NUP flag bearer. In Makindye, Kasirye Nganda Mulyanyama backed Faruk Ntege against Allan Sewanyana. Nabillah Nagayi did the same because Ntege is her brother-in-law and Sewanyana was backing his mentor Erias Lukwago. Mulengera News understands that the NUP Secretariat keeps getting reports from everywhere of party senior cadres being accused of fraternizing with independents.

The meeting also reflected on whether to challenge the Museveni win in the Supreme Court or not. Some said since the result is almost known, the young party should avoid stress and just move on. Some insisted Kyagulanyi should go to court in the hope that doing so would further expose Gen Museveni, the EC and judicial system itself. The same also gives Kyagulanyi, who still has more 5 days to make up his mind, an opportunity to enrich the country’s jurisprudence. The meeting was told the legal team is ready with a lot of evidence on which the Supreme Court should have the opportunity to pronounce itself. No unanimity was built on this issue prompting Kyagulanyi to ask for more time to consult more stakeholders in the country beyond just the NUP.

Members were also unanimous on the need for the party to arrange an induction program for its new MPs so as to acquaint them with Parliamentary procedure, practice and decoram. Seasoned MPs Mathias Mpuuga and Muwanga Kivumbi were assigned that role. As regards the position of LoP, Parliamentary Commission and chairs for the 4 accountability committees, which clearly was the elephant in the room, it was resolved that the same be (in details) discussed at the subsequent NUP Caucus meetings so as to generate consensus on the same. Not handling this delicate matter (of especially LoP) carefully could fracture NUP and gradually ferment resentful feelings towards Kyagulanyi, the appointing authority, just like it has always been the case for Dr. Kizza Besigye in FDC and those who came after him.

It was also agreed that none of the NUP Caucus members should become complacent (Kato Lubwama-like) because the new positions they have must be used to advance the broader cause for political change against Gen Museveni as opposed to individual deal-making aimed at self-aggrandizement. The NUP Caucus was unable to rule out each of the MPs leading people in their respective constituencies to continue opposing Gen Museveni using demonstrations and other constitutionally-permitted lawful ways and means.

Party President Kyagulanyi and SG Rubongoya also agreed to avail themselves to hold similar meetings for or with other categories of NUP leaders including winners of other positions and flag bearers, like Nabillah Nagayi, who lost to members of other political formations. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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