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Fred Kinene makes his submission during the Tuesday 4th May meeting with the President in Entebbe State House. Others seen in this photo are Capt Polly Awitch, Ambassador Abbey Walusimbi, former Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi and others.

By Mulengera Reporters 

All isn’t well with the NRM Canada Chapter fraternity. The latest reaching Mulengera News website is that the showy and verbose NRM Canada Chapter leaders, led by the bulky Fred Kinene, have for the last 3 weeks been living large at one of the leading Kampala Hotels where they have accumulated feeding, accommodation and health club bills now of over Shs120m.

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On arrival in Kampala, Kinene and three other NRM Canada Chapter officials got in touch with the President’s PPS Dr. Kenneth Olusegun Omona who assured them that State House would logistically get involved to ensure that they have a comfortable stay for the period they would be in Kampala where they had come to mobilize additional financing towards the July Sympsium slated to take place at Niagara Hotel in Canada. They accordingly moved into the big city hotel and began living large.

Sources say after two weeks, the hotel started demanding for some written proof or commitment that State House was aware of the group’s stay in Kampala and would foot the bills. Instead of delivering that written commitment or getting the PPS, Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso or even Comptroller to ring, Kinene & Co just became elusive and began telling uncoordinated stories. This prompted the hotel to kick them out besides pondering reporting the matter to Court.

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Management was reluctant to confiscate their property or call in Police because the Kinenes showed them some earlier correspondents that had been exchanged with State House relating to the upcoming Canada Symposium and this gave the hotel managers some comfort that the State could somehow be involved with these Canada-based Ugandans. But even when they were not dragged to CPS, as would ordinarily have happened, the hotel management threw them out to avoid inflating the bill. The guys have since been sleeping in cars or homes of close friends in the different ghettoes of Kampala.

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As they languished in the ghettoes of Kampala, a former female Museveni (renowned for being very versatile) arranged for them to meet the veteran leader from Rwakitura. And it was during that State House meeting that the Kinenes, who had earlier on written protest letters to the H.E through some powerful leader at Parliament, were able to report their misery to the President. Their meeting took place in Ebtebbe State House on the day after Eid in the first week of May and it was the first Tuesday of the month.

During that same meeting, they poured their heart to Gen Museveni in the presence of his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, PPS Kenneth Olusegun Omona and Senior Political Assistant Moses Byaruhanga. A very sympathetic Museveni, who had to walk out of a Cabinet meeting to interface with the group, directed that $30,000 be immediately released to the group to enable them pay off hotel bills and resume staying there for the rest of the days they still had to be in Uganda before flying back to Canada.

Gen Museveni, having appreciated the need for the Canada Symposium (aimed at wooing hostile Ugandans in North America), also offered a contribution of $260,000 (roughly Shs1bn) which according to Thursday Daily Monitor hasn’t yet been availed. The Kinenes explained to the country’s Chief Executive how the upcoming Canada Symposium (slated for the first week of July) would be used to cajole hostile Diaspora-based Ugandans away from rioting and protests which give the country bad image and thereby scaring off potential investors and tourists.

One of them told Museveni that these Ugandans have become broke beyond redemption and therefore hopeless having become too ashamed and frustrated to even ever return home. They blame all their failure and economic misery on the ruling NRM and therefore burning with anger that has been bottling up inside them for decades.

Gen Museveni (in white shirt) takes photo with some of the NRM Canada Symposium organizers on Tuesday May 4th in Entebbe State House. Extreme left is his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who was called in as ‘a listening post’ to have some apprenticeship on how future Diaspora-related challenges can diplomatically be resolved.

Way forward: use the Symposium to directly engage and show them some of the great transformation and revival opportunities back home. Gen Museveni was also told the Symposium (which he vowed not to attend because he fears Covid19 exposure risks) would also be used as a recruitment ground from the riotous NUP crowd.

“The biggest problem though now we are facing as organizers is having to require such financially vulnerable Ugandans to buy their own air ticket, pay own accommodation and feeding costs during the Symposium. Once government or party comes in and help us subsidize that cost, we shall have larger numbers coming into the Symposium to be engaged by officials from Kampala,” sources quoted one of the organizers as telling the President.

That’s how Gen Museveni offered the $260,000 contribution which he tasked Moses Byaruhanga and Omona to work on and have the money expeditiously delivered to the Kinenes though the Wednesday Daily Monitor story indicates that complications have erupted with the Byaruhangas failing to deliver as promptly as would be ideal. The understanding and hope among people at the State House meeting was that, with Gen Museveni’s $260,000, those angry and hungry Diaspora activists coming for the Symposium will only invest in their ticket as the organizers take care of the feeding and accommodation.

This would grow numbers and thereby accelerating the impact of the Symposium which is to deepen NRM political mobilization while dissuading the young Nkuba kyeyos and asylum-seekers away from pro-Kyagulanyi protests during which Uganda as a country gets demonized resulting into being shunned by tourists and potential investors. The promised $260,000 plus the $30,000 Gen Museveni offered to reimburse the Kinenes on the hotel bills brings the total State House offer to $290,000.

However, the Kinenes have continued to become frustrated as the State House/GoU bureaucracy has prevented Byaruhanga and Comptroller to promptly get back. This has made the Kinenes (still homeless) to come under a lot of pressure from followers they left in Canada. They want them to come out and publicly denounce Gen Museveni and the NRM party. There is nervousness among Museveni’s handlers in State House that the Kinenes might proceed with the event in their own way and instead use the D-day to give platform for anti-Museveni activists based in Canada to have a field day.

Sources say there is much more that is making the Kinenes anxious beyond just the delay to release the Museveni pledge. Some State House handlers are suggesting to cut Museveni’s $30,000 to $12,000 and $260,000 to $150,000. This has made Kinene and other organizers nostalgic about former Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga who used to promptly partner with them on the previous similar pro-NRM gatherings. That, leveraging on the Parliamentary Commission coffers, Kadaga used to promptly pay up her contribution (as opposed to merely promising) which always smoothened mobilization for such events resulting into a win-win for everyone.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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