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By Mulengera News

Mulengera News pictures exclusively taken at the just-concluded NRM meeting at Namboole indicate that former TDA giant Gilbert Bukenya is once again feeling at home within NRM whose leader YK Museveni he once idolized. Unlike his former TDA co-principal John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, who declined the invitation, the belligerent man from Lwantama in Busiro cheerfully turned up and sat in the main tent just within spitting distance from where Museveni was.

Bukenya, who had resorted to grumbling especially after Museveni ignored and left him out of his post-2016 cabinet at a time he was willing to take anything thrown at him, comfortably sat with NRM CEC bosses and kept chatting with the likes of Specioza Kazibwe, PM Ruhakana Rugunda, Captain Francis Babu and others. Bukenya, who previously indulged in conspiracy theories including those accusing some NRM leaders of poisoning people and engineering the accident that claimed the life of his son Brian, freely took the tea that was served to him prompting some of his fellow Baganda co-ethnics to whisper from a distance thus “you confused Professor you are there cheerfully taking that tea, don’t turn round some day when you are disappointed with NRM top leadership ignoring you and go begin crying for us at Mengo that I was poisoned at Namboole.”

The Bukenya kodak moments captured from the just-ended NRM meeting at Namboole  

You took that tea willingly sir. Don’t one day turn up at Bulange crying and duping people that ‘I was poisoned at Namboole.’ We are deliberately captioning it this way because you have previously indulged in many conspiracy theories trying to demonize leaders of the NRM each time you get disappointed with them.



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