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By Mulengera Reporters 

All isn’t well in the home of newly appointed Head Public Service/Secretary to Cabinet Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye whose equally powerful husband the amiable Prof Anthony Mbonye has been down and unwell for some time. Impeccable family sources have told Mulengera News that the flamboyant Professor’s health situation is critical and he has been hospitalized for weeks. “That would be okay but what is worrying is the fact that his situation has only kept deteriorating and we, as a family, need prayers for God to restore him back to perfect health,” the source intimated.

The severity of Prof Mbonye’s sickness, which continues to be deliberately kept as a secret, became clearer and a concern to more people close to the family today Friday when his wife Lucy Nakyobe failed to turn up to be interviewed and have her suitability for the new office assessed and evaluated by a group of experts her boss Gen Museveni tasked to do the needful. She was expected and panel had been assembled earlier in the day but she never turned and when they reached out to her via telephone seeking to understand what was happening, she told them: “I’m sorry my husband is very unwell and I have had to personally attend to him because I can simply not get away from him at this hour when he needs my physical presence most” at the hospital bed where medics are doing their best to save his life.

Mulengera News couldn’t readily establish what Prof Mbonye is suffering from but multiple sources maintained that he has been unwell for weeks and that his condition has, unfortunately, only kept worsening instead of getting better. We pray for his quick recovery because he is a young Professor and this country still needs him.

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