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Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba (MK) now has a new headquarters for his activities.

MK, who for sometime used to headquarter his activities in the plush Naguru Complex (not very far from Sejusa’s home), is now operating from a new office complex in the ghetto-like neighborhoods of Mbuya.

His new location isn’t very far from the Mbuya army barracks and its where all his office staff and other relevant Presidential assistants operate from these days. The relocation occurred barely 50 days ago and knowledgeable sources say this is how the amiable Afande has always operated; never staying in one place for an office for too long. He prefers being on the move and sources say this must be something integrated in the way he was trained as a military general.

The relocation to Mbuya means the Indian mogul who was his land lord in Naguru will have to find new tenants and gratefully, knowledgeable sources say he already has new occupants who are a group of well-earning foreign expatriates.

The foreigners are said to have moved in immediately after MK relocated. By virtue of his position as a special operations person, MK understandably operates a number of offices including one in Lubowa where his workaholic PA Ann Ruyondo sits. We better stop there lest we end up inadvertently gossiping on the humble reclusive General’s very sensitive operational details.



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