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By Mulengera Reporters 

Evelyne Nabwire, the influential protocol manager for Gen Museveni at State House, continues to be admitted with severe wounds that were inflicted on her during a road accident she encountered this Monday morning in Mukono. She was rushing to Soroti City where she was going to arrange and oversee the situation on the ground ahead of the arrival of her Principal Gen YK Museveni who was traveling to campaign for NRM Candidate Herbert Ariko.

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The life-threatening incident involving Nabwire, who continues to be admitted in critical condition at a top Kampala City Hospital (can’t be disclosed for security reasons), occurred at the Wantoni Township on the outskirts of Mukono Municipality. This isn’t very far from Mawagali Primary School along the same Kampala-Jinja Highway. The accident was successfully induced by a group of young protestors who took advantage of the night and smeared the road with consignments of the very slippery palm oil that fell off a truck that was traveling out of the City in the night of Sunday.

Mostly Boda riders, the anti-Museveni volunteer and self-mobilized protestors were doing this to prepare for the three days protests that had been declared by anonymous organizers across the country. Their idea was to enforce a stay home protest by making it impossible for motorists, coming from the direction of Jinja, to make it into the City. This would create some propaganda or even PR value for the anti-government protests which Police and UPDF have since been heavily deployed to quell.

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Taking advantage of the seven sacks of palm oil that fell off the passing truck late Sunday evening, the young men managed to make that part of Kampala-Jinja Highway very slippery to the extent that every vehicle that tried passing there early Monday morning had to slide and fall off the road. Those exactly are the circumstances under which Nabwire, whose accident security is keeping as top secret to avoid inadvertently morale boosting the protestors behind the Wantoni mischief, got involved in the Monday morning accident that almost claimed her life.

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Yet Nabwire isn’t the only one whose vehicle slipped off the road under similar circumstances. By some coincidence, perhaps anticipating chaos, very few public service vehicles from the Jinja direction came into the City. That’s is how Jinja Road ended up being dominated by vehicles with government number plates. According to Police publicist Fred Enanga, the few public transport vehicles that risked coming into Kampala ended up hiking their fares to cater for the traveling members of the public. This confirms there was limited traffic on Kampala-Jinja Highway and most of the vehicles were government ones carrying regime officials.

And yet Nabwire wasn’t the only government traveler whose journey got complicated in that same Wantoni area. Mulengera News has established that a good number of RDCs working in Eastern Uganda districts innocently entered Kampala through the same Jinja road and didn’t escape the Nabwire-like fiasco. They were heading to Kyankwanzi for their week long induction retreat.

Eye witnesses confirm seeing young men who spent much of the Sunday night smearing the road with palm oil which fell off the truck (that was heading to Kenya) by accident. Their objective was to complicate movement into the City in order to exaggerate the impact of the stay home protest movement.

Mbale RDC Asumin Nasike is among those whose vehicles slipped off the road leaving occupants physically wounded and emotionally broken (in law they call it nervous shock). Nasike has this Monday evening spoken to Mulengera News and recounted her experience confirming it was a malicious act by members of the stay home protest movement.

“We innocently drove into that part of the road at about 8:30am and we were trying to overtake because we were getting late for Kyankwanzi but our vehicle vigorously slipped off and we fell just like the vehicle that was behind us and the one that was in front,” she explained. “In the end we all got injuries on our bodies and we had to get a break down to rescue our vehicle from the ditch back to the road.”

Nasike was with her driver and Kotido Deputy RDC Ivan Namoma who they had given a lift from Mbale to Kampala. “We finally survived but we have had to undergo medication. We remain with a lot of shock besides the wounds,” she explained.

Mulengera News has separately established that the Kibuku RDC Nalongo Kwesiga also didn’t escape the Wantoni multiple accidents. Her vehicle was among those that fell into the ditch after failing to maneuver the very slippery road stretch at Wantoni. As they go to bed this Monday evening or night, those who orchestrated the Wantoni mischief will keep chest-thumping and counting that aspect of their stay home protest movement a huge success because they managed to catch everyone including security off guard and in the process get a lot of publicity for their mischief.

Some of the government officials’ vehicles that fell into the ditch had to be rescued by a combination of Police and UPDF soldiers who eventually came onto the scene but weren’t able to promptly do much about the slippery road surface which was only circumvented after volunteers from Sterling Construction Company came in and poured heaps of sand on the slippery surface to normalize the road once again. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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