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By Mulengera Reporter

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has started a countrywide campaign aimed at sensitizing members of school communities, especially learners, about the importance of paying taxes.

By the end of this drive, the tax-collecting body hopes to have instilled values related to voluntary compliance and social responsibility in hundreds of thousands of students in Uganda.

Once these learners grow up with this mindset, URA hopes the learners will be more tax compliant than the current generation.

According to Ian Rumanyika, URA’s Spokesperson, the initiative expected to cover all schools in the country, will be done in a phased manner.

“With this approach, we intent to create a tax-alert generation,” said Rumanyika.

He revealed that at least 24 tax clubs had been formed for “the continuity of the tax sensitization programme.”

A recent tax sensitization event at Bukedea SS was successful, with students seriously paying attention to tax literature the URA team had taken to the school.

“What happened at the school is symbolic that tax education from grass root is important,” said Rumanyika.

Available research reports indicate that introducing tax education in the early years of their lives could help in creating taxpayers who understand their responsibility when it comes to their countries taxation system.

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