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 By Mulengera Reporter   

 Singer Bosmic Joyce Otim’s hopes of representing the people of Kitgum District’s Chua West County  in the 11th Parliament are fast diminishing after High Court in Kampala summoned him to defend himself in a case in which his opponent Charles Ocaya claims he has no requisite academic qualifications to be a member of Parliament.

A former ally of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of the People Power pressure group and the National Unity Platform (NUP), Bosmic started speaking in tongues and denounced the former ghetto president after meeting NRM Chairman Yoweri Museveni. He then sought to use his new relationship with the ruling party to further his parliamentary ambitions by seeking the NRM nomination.

But his opponent Ocaya petitioned the Dr Tanga Odoi-led NRM Electoral Commission (EC) seeking to nullify Bosmic’s nomination on grounds that the singer didn’t have an A-level certificate or its equivalent, as the law requires of all those seeking parliamentary seats. Ocaya made it clear to Odoi that Bosmic had failed General Paper, History and Christian Religious Education and had not sat for Economics, meaning that there was no way the musician could have any valid Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE). Ocaya’s argument was corroborated by Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Executive Secretary Dan Odongo, who confirmed that Bosmic had failed most of the examination papers he wrote, and that the assessment body would never award him a certificate when he posted such results and even missed a paper. But Tanga Odoi dismissed Ocaya’s application for the nullification of Bosmic, and nominated him for the NRM primary election in Chua West.

Now, Ocaya has filed a suit in the High Court Civil Division in Kampala, seeking the nullification of Bosmic’s nomination, and his declaration as the NRM flag bearer for the Chua West parliamentary election scheduled for 2021. Court has also summoned Tanga Odoi and his team to explain why they nominated someone who lacked the required academic credentials despite Ocaya’s protests. Ocaya also wants court to compel Odoi to declare him the NRM ticket holder for the constituency in next year’s election.

Dr Alex Mushabe Karocho, the Registrar of the High Court Civil Division, has now given Bosmic two weeks within which he should filed his written statement of defence, failure of which Ocaya “may proceed with the suit and judgement may be given in your absence.”

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