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By Mulengera Reporters

Being the largest opposition party in Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi’s NUP party is ordinarily expected to have representation at Arusha-based EALA. And the number could even grow to two representatives depending on the mood the all-powerful YK Museveni, whose ruling NRM party uses its numeric strenght to determine who sails through, will be in.

At Kamwomya, sources say those interested and eyeing the opportunity to go to Arusha (where each legislator earns Shs50m per month untaxed and other benefits) are over 30 politicians associated to the NUP. They have each reached out to Kyagulanyi and other power brokers seeking to be considered so as to go to EALA and eat things for the next 5 years (2022-2027). Ex-Makindye Ssabagabo MP Sempala Kigozi Sajjalyabeene is among those initially interested but became deflated on being reminded that the indiscipline/defiance he exhibited when he lost out in the candidates’ selections process and still stood against NUP flag bearer David Serukenya diminished his eligiliby to be considered for such deployment opportunities.

However, Mulengera News understands that those with whom the ultimate decision rests have zeroed in on three cadres from whom the eventual NUP flag bearer will be chosen. These include David Lewis Rubongoya (SG), Benjamin Katana (Treasurer) and Fred Nyanzi Sentamu who heads mobilization in the party. One of the three will be chosen/agreed upon to go and become EALA representative. Available information shows that Katana stands higher chances because of the negative impact and very damaging vacuum the highly-organized Rubongoya’s absence can potentially create at the Kamwokya-based Secretariat.

Sources add that, because NUP is desperate to demonstrate its not a tribal party exclusively biased in favor of Baganda while alienating leaders from other parts of Uganda, the Principal (as they call him) could settle for the intellectually very sophisticated Benjamin Katana, a vibrant young Kampala lawyer who has closely flocked with Kyagulanyi from day one (and it would be in order to use the EALA opening to reward his loyalty and hard work).

The youthful Benjamin Katana is flamboyant, eloquent, deeply knowledgeable, well collected, well-read and also an effective fundraiser clandestinely doing a lot of work for NUP behind the scenes. All this makes him the best emissary Kyagulanyi can have at Arusha as the same enables him to portray the fact that his party (in existence since 2004) has a diversity of cadreship comprising of both millions of crude social media abusers (renowned for taking no prisoners) and intellectuals too. This pedigree partly explains why delegates at the NUP delegates conference of 2019 considered Benjamin Katana the most appropriate person to take the position of Treasurer as Kyagulanyi was taking over the leadership of the party from founder Moses Nkonge Kibalama.

The delegates conference took place in Wakiso district/Busiro South/off Hoima Road at a resort which belongs to Kyagulanyi’s sister. Since Katana comes from Greater Bushenyi in Western Uganda, giving him the EALA slot (while deliberately sidelining Fred Nyanzi) would be good PR for NUP whose leader Robert Kyagulanyi is renowned for being very sensitive to public opinion and fears being portrayed negatively especially on those things of tribalism. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 



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