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By Mulengera Reporters

The raging family battle between Jacob Oulanyah’s father Mzee Nathan L’okori and brother Francis Emuna on one hand and senior Civil Servant/State House official Patricia Lakiidi (who was also the deceased’s live-in girlfriend or cohabitee) on another has escalated with the former, backed by some of the fallen Speaker’s best friends, vigorously rejecting contents of the will which they say is fake and inauthentic.

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There is simply a lot that is beginning to emerge, and being your home of exclusives, Mulengera News is more than prepared to report everything as the situation unfolds. We have, for instance this Sunday evening, established that some of the deceased’s best friends namely CJ Owiny Dollo and Norbert Mao lost confidence in Patricia after they learnt of plans to get her wedded to become Oulanyah’s official wife as the ailing man fought for his life at his Seattle hospital bed.

“They physically fought off a Reverend, a black American evangelist, who had come to wed the two. Even wedding rings had been procured for them to be declared husband and wife. This was meant to put Patricia in the position of the official spouse entitled to inheriting property benefiting off the deceased’s estate,” says a source adding that the two Acholi leaders vigorously protested and chased away the heavy-accented American Reverend who had come to curiously wed the two.

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The two leaders also subsequently learnt of moments when Oulanyah and Patricia would quarrel inside the hospital as the patient, who had become paranoid and easily irritable because of the pain he was in, had started making many sometimes irritating demands. They registered their dismay with a remorseful Patricia Lakiidi face to face. Their point was that even God wouldn’t forgive the Reverend for leading His son Oulanyah into saying unwitnessed marriage vows at a time he was increasingly unconscious as he lied on his hospital bed just waiting to breath his last after medics had assured him death was just hours away.

The duo, working with others like Francis Emuna, would subsequently face off with Patricia when it emerged that Oulanyah’s will, which Mzee L’okori has since protested as fake, had favored her more than anyone else. In the will, which Mzee L’okori is now denouncing as fake, Patricia is allocated a posh residential apartment in Naguru and all the property contained in money the deceased left in Absa and other banks plus that which is yet to land there.

It proceeds to favor the other two sons (Ezra and Didi) mothered by Oulanyah’s first wife Dorothy Nangwale along with young girl Atim. The two sons have even appended their signatures authenticating a controversial document bestowing Powers of Attorney to Patricia Lakiidi regarding the rest of Oulanyah’s estate. It’s alleged that Diana, another Oulanyah daughter and the oldest of all the girls, had initially been stampeded into the thing but she jumped out on realizing the entire will thing was becoming controversial.

Still Mzee L’okori, his son Emonu and the close friends, have rejected the will claiming the circumstances surrounding its authorship were controversial and curious as it over favored Patricia who they don’t trust to have had good intentions. They claim that Oulanyah, being an organized man, had made his will when still alive and well-possessed with mental capacity to consent to everything. They insist the authentic will must have a date preceding his frail health. That the one which is pro-Patricia must have been preceded by coercion and manipulation because the Omoro County MP had ceased to be understanding things properly because of his much-publicized frail health. Those defensive of the pro-Patricia will claim that Oulanyah, having become too weak and unable to write, he was aided to authenticate the same document using a thump print which was dipped in ink.

Chief Justice Owiny Dollo and Norbert Mao, who are some of the many friends and stakeholders who claim to have been deprived of adequate access to Oulanyah because Patricia allegedly wanted to maximize audience with him, are among those who have vowed to put their foot on the ground saying no to the disputed will favoring Patricia Lakiidi whose marriage relationship to the fallen Speaker they have refused to acknowledge to have ever existed because the deceased never introduced her to them or anyone else. Yet that isn’t all. Mzee L’okori, his son Francis Emuna and the close friends are also intrigued and disputing the circumstances under which Patricia (who saw him breathe his last) came to be captured or recorded in Oulanyah’s death certificate from the Seattle hospital as being his spouse.

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The most agitated is Francis Emonu (the 54 year old Oulanyah brother) who faults Patricia for being hostile to all Jacob Oulanyah’s relatives who always tried to access him at his Muyenga home or even in the different hospitals where Opiyo Oloya, the other Oulanyah cousin brother, has been commending her for always being. It’s increasingly becoming clear, ladies and gentlemen, that the rapidly-escalating situation in the Jacob Oulanyah household will worsen first before it gets better. And the Courts of law, where CJ Dollo calls shots, might have to have the last on who is right and who isn’t. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us





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