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By Mulengera Reporters

In conjunction with Prime Media Ltd, which famously deals in digital advertising media and digital signage, Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has launched a high-quality quarterly magazine that will be devoted to updating the country about the latest on the aviation industry in the EAC region and beyond.

Prime Media Ltd Board Chairman Dr. Warren Namara joins UCAA Board Chairman Eng Mike Ndawula Kaweesi to launch the Nnyonyi magazine

Prime Media Board Chairman Dr. Warren Namara, who spoke at the launching ceremony today Wednesday at Nsambya-based Mestil Hotel, said the partnership will enable his media empire to use its network and advertising experience to” bring aviation industry information closer to the people.” The idea is to complement UCAA’s efforts to aggressively market Uganda as a good destination and Entebbe Airport as a choice destination for global travelers.

Dr. Namara said they are looking forward to using the G77 Summit in Kampala in April next year and a subsequent HIV gathering to be attended by over 10,000 international delegates to market Uganda through the magazine that will be provided free of charge to all travelers taking their flights from Entebbe Airport. “That way we shall educate flight passengers about Uganda just like the Inflight magazine does. It’s good stuff for travelers to read especially those on long flights,” Dr. Namara said in the 10 minutes organizers accorded him to explain the new partnership between UCAA and his organization.

Prof Kakuba (seated) cracks his endless jokes at the event

Dr. Namara also said the Nnyonyi magazine will provide educative, intellectual and entertaining stuff about Uganda for the travelers who should know more about our country. “It’s all an opportunity for air operators and stakeholders to advertise and explain more about their brand and what they offer. We know we aren’t yet perfect which is why we welcome comments and criticisms on how we can improve and do better on the next edition,” he said while bragging that with the highly experienced Ignie Igunduura being the chief editor he was sure the magazine can only get better.

Prof Kakuba engages his publicists Sheila Ajok and Vianney Luggya Mpungu who was also the day’s MC 


Dr. Namara also said that to increase the appeal of the magazine, content would be packaged in a way that there is something special for travelers of the different sexes and age groups. Igunduura later got the opportunity granted to him by UCAA Chairman Eng Mike Ndawula Kaweesi and sought to demystify fears and skepticisms some speakers from the audience had expressed claiming there was nothing unique about Nnyonyi magazine and that it would fail like all the others before it.

Igunduura said first of all, the team (comprising of seasoned business and tourism journalists like Joseph Olanyo and Simon Musasizi) would ensure the magazine is a product that is relevant and consumable to the different sex and age groups. DG Kakuba interjected and urged Igunduura and team to ensure Nnyonyi magazine tends towards being a “home brand” like similar Kenyan magazines.

Speaking very fast to fit within the little time UCAA Chairman Ndawula had permitted him, Igunduura implored people in the audience not to be apprehensive but perceive Nnyonyi magazine as a platform for aviation industry that will authoritatively update stakeholders on the latest in aviation not just in Uganda but the whole of East Africa. “We shall also be using it to popularize Uganda as a tourist destination and enhance the positioning of the different brands of the operators and first time visitors will be able to read and learn more about Uganda and its diverse cultures and that’s why in this first issue we have an elaborate article about the institution of marriage in Uganda. First time visitors may not have time to move around Uganda but can learn everything from Nnyonyi magazine which is a comprehensive package,” Igunduura explained creating more clarity than all earlier speakers.

UCAA publicists plan ahead of the event’s commencement

Convinced the invention of this Nnyonyi magazine was long overdue, UCAA leaders urged other air operators to emulate Uganda Airlines and immediately begin having copies for each of their travelers on each flight. DG Kakuba hoped Nnyonyi magazine will go a long way in supplementing UCAA efforts to demystify fears and conspiracy theories some would-be frequent travelers have about air transport including thinking that air travel is only for the affluent.

UCAA Board member Eng Mackenzie Ogweng submits during the plenary discussion 

Simon Musasizi (L) and this other colleague are part of the strong journalists’ team behind the Nnyonyi magazine 

New UCAA Company secretary Mary Wenene was also there 

Prime Media founder Brutus Kagingo (M) actively introduced his wife Hope Kagingo to whoever he came across 

Kakuba chats with Prime Media’s Dr. Namara 

Ethiopian aviation expert Abebe prepares to begin his key note address about the chances for Uganda Airlines to succeed 



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