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Former Minister Fredrick Ruhindi has commenced clandestine efforts aimed at reclaiming Nakawa MP Seat for his beloved NRM party come 2021. Until 2016 when FDC strongman Mike Kabaziguruka upset him, Ruhindi had been MP Nakawa since taking over from equally long-serving Jaberi Bidandi Ssali in 2001. He is a talented grass root mobilizer and this is the reason he kept trouncing opposition strong figures like DP’s Kenneth Kakande and FDC’s Annie Mugisha in a Kampala Division many perceive to be an opposition stronghold. Having learnt from his mistakes, Ruhindi is back to the trenches using his down to earth tactics to reach out to the grass root voters. Whenever he gets free time off his Land Commission of Inquiry bush schedule, Ruhindi quietly sneaks into area markets to acquaint himself with the incumbent Mike Kabaziguruka’s weaknesses as he prepares his selling points for his reelection bid. It’s said that because they are dissatisfied with Kabaziguruka, who involuntarily has been crippled by long jail and hospital confinement, many Nakawa residents are nostalgic about Ruhindi’s days because he was more available to them than his successor. “The other mistake he acknowledges to have made and it cost him dearly was accepting being a Minister. He now realizes the best thing would be to remain a back bencher because that allows you space to shine on the floor of Parliament and even committees but most importantly you are more available to the people than a minister who is always away on national duty yet to voters that doesn’t mean anything,” says a source thickly involved in Ruhindi political comeback efforts. “He believes once he remains back bencher, not even UNRA caterpillars will manage removing him from the Nakawa MP Seat.” He will most likely take advantage of a divided opposition while consolidating the NRM vote because the likes of Kabaziguruka, Kenneth Kakande, Mayor Ronald Balimwezo and Eddie Yawe are all eyeing the same seat on the opposition platform.



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