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By Ronald Kasekende

The events that have happened in the Democratic Party (DP) in recent weeks have only exposed the efforts of individuals who hijacked Uganda’s oldest political organisation without true democratic grounding as enshrined in the party’s Constitution.

These fellows have only one agenda: to ensure that DP is dead and buried. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that if the name-calling and the washing of our dirty linen in public continue, our party could be no more soon. Already, the current party leaders have failed to revive the vibrancy and appeal of DP. Efforts for reinvigoration have only ended up dividing the political formation into various briefcase parties.

To carry out their agenda of sending the DP to political oblivion, some top leaders have openly associated themselves with the regime. I won’t mention names but I am sure you know the party leader who has worked tirelessly to sows seeds of disorganization in the DP Chapter of Busoga Region, particularly in Jinja. The same man is supporting Uganda’s President and NRM Chairman Yoweri Museveni’s Ministers Haruna Kasolo in Kyotera, and Nakiwala Kiyingi in Bukomansimbi, and dining with NRM political brokers such as Bukomansimbi’s HB Matovu.

You might also recall Museveni labelling this man as belonging to “a good DP.” This same person also received tremendous NRM support for a regional top seat and has been instrumental in fomenting inter-kingdom conflicts. I won’t talk about his other sins, such as his shameless act of recording, using devices provided by state agencies, proceedings of DP meetings for his boss in Entebbe.

Embedded in their grand agenda is the plan to ensure that NRM wins in all DP strongholds – yes, you read that right. Masaka, Mukono, Kalungu and Wakiso top the list of the electoral areas these enemies of DP have agreed to deliver to Museveni’s ruling party in 2021. During a recent CBS Radio talk show, a key DP leader said, bluntly, that the party would rather be left with one MP in Parliament.

The actions of such leaders remind me of a story in the Bible involving two prostitutes who were claiming motherhood of one baby. The ‘fake mother’ backed a suggestion to cut the baby into two parts.

They also remind me King Lear who was more sinned against than he had sinned. Undoubtedly, all of us have sinned by not taking Museveni out of power for all these years. But these individuals have sinned more against us by helping him to reign for long, and pushing his master plan of having no opposition in Kampala and other anti-Museveni strongholds by 2021.

Therefore, all the genuine members of DP who still want to live in a free country must wake up and resist elements posing as party members when they are, in reality, working for NRM. These must be isolated and denied a chance to spread their gospel on feasts and funerals alike.

Ronald Kasekende is a DP member and a Youth Councillor




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