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By Mulengera Reporters

Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng, who directly has been supervising Prime Minister-designate Robinah Nabanja for the last two years at the Wandegeya-based Ministry, says it would be a mistake for anyone to ignore or write off the Kakumiro Woman MP simply because of the simplicity and down-to-earth approach with which she approaches issues.

“I greatly appreciate H.E. the President for appointing her Uganda’s First Female Prime Minister. I personally have confidence in Hon Nabanja and I have no doubt she is going to make a good Prime Minister. I have closely worked with her for the last two years at the Ministry of Health. She is a very humble woman with a large heart. She is also very caring and very responsible. She respects authority, is responsive to community concerns and is always eager to learn in order to do things the right way. She is a natural mobilizer, a team player and I have no doubt she will bring ministers together as the Leader of Government business. And I’m certain we are going to work in a coordinated manner.”

Dr. Aceng further asserts that: “Hon Robinah Nabanja was a good choice by H.E. the President and as women we are extremely proud of her and I’m sure the population is too because she is a people person. She must be given chance to demonstrate her qualities which I have abundantly seen in her for the last two years as her supervisor at Health. She is good with the community, understands their needs and I trust she will be great with [development] partners too. She wishes everyone well. As a friend and someone who has worked with her, I know her work strengths. She is passionate about community issues because of her own background and orientation. Her deepened understanding of community needs and approaches is something not many can’t understand and it would be inappropriate for anyone to ignore her.”

Dr. Aceng says that Nabanja is a well-suited nominee for the position at hand because she is exceedingly qualified in terms of both academic qualifications and the requisite leadership experience and management of public affairs.

“It’s her approach which is deeply community-rooted and centered that is being misconstrued for inability but in actual sense she is a capable leader,” Dr. Aceng said in a Friday interview when Mulengera News approached her for a comment on what she thought about those disparaging Gen Museveni has endured for making Nabanja Prime Minister. “She has been through all levels of leadership: community level, local government as RDC, Councilor and district executive member. She has also been a legislator, Commissioner of Parliament and now Minister. Nobody beats her when it comes to understanding community level problems and community centered approach to service delivery. I think that is what some of the people criticizing her appointment have failed to appreciate.”

Dr. Aceng adds that the Nabanja she knows is going to excel serving as Prime Minister coordinating the rest of Ministers and in the end, her critics will feel ashamed and begin laughing at themselves. “She only needs to go in there and approach everything with humility because the Hon Nabanja I know is a fast learner and adapts to new situations very quickly. She must keep her eyes on the Lord and have trust in Him as always and it’s going to be well my sister.”

The newly reappointed Minister of Health adds rather emotionally thus: “I know she is going to work with humility and transparency. That new office she is going into has got its history behind it. And this is what I can say to Hon Nabanja ‘you can work hard and change that history so that there is renewed public trust in that office.’ Go streamline procedures in that place and all will be well. Go well Hon Nabanja. Go well my sister. Go well my friend. As Ministry of Health, we are very proud of you and we shall always be. We are going to miss you but it’s good you are going to be a few minutes away. I look forward to work very well with you as my new boss. Whenever you summon me, I will be available.”

On her part, Dr. Aceng equally thanked the big man from Rwakitura for reappointing her in the same docket of politically heading the country’s health sector which remains critical to NRM election manifesto-related service delivery promises. “I want to thank H.E the President for reappointing me. I thank him for putting trust in me. I don’t take that for granted and I know there is a lot lying ahead but I commit to him and the people of Uganda that I will do my best and serve with total commitment to the best of my ability.” (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 




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