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Aruu County Member of parliament Hon. Odonga Otto has filed a complaint against fellow legislator Anthony Akol following a brawl at parliament on Thursday that left the former hospitalized. Otto in the police complaint says he was assaulted by Akol in the late afternoon in the lobby of parliament shortly after the resumption of the house plenary.

Otto had reportedly over the weekend asked the voters Kilak not to vote Akol back into parliament for he had betrayed them by selling their land to Government. After hearing about Otto’s remarks, Akol chose to confront the outspoken legislator who maintained the allegations for clarity. During the encounter between the two, Otto maintained the land sale allegations as Akol insisted that the land in question belonged to him and not the community.

Otto says his counterpart started hitting him in the face until he fell down and had to be rushed to Nakasero Hospital for medical attention. The legislator from Acholi says he never fought back while being hit by Akol admitting that Akol is not his match and an exchange with him could have caused him grave injuries. “Hon. Akol is massive. These are people who live near the (game) park, they eat game meat. If I allowed him land a punch on my head, I would probably have a concussion,” he said.

Odong Otto is not new to controversies like this one. In June last year, he was accused of assaulting a one Okot Geoffrey of Choice FM in Gulu during a soccer match between Acholi and West Nile. The victim reported an assault case against Otto at Gulu Central Police Station vide 50/16/06/2019.

In July, Otto embarrassed his counterpart Okin Ojara of Chua county, while contesting his competency to a Public Accounts Committee of parliament. The motor mouthed legislator wondered how a member in his first year in Parliament could chair a committee meeting. “If you insist on proceeding, then you will do it in the absence of some of us,” Otto said as he collected his belongings to storm out of the meeting.




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