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 By Mulengera Reporters

Eng Panadol Katumba Muzamir, an influential Personal Assistant to Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu, has claimed that a clique of mafia actors has hijacked the PP/NUP struggle and are busy using their offices at Kamwokya to sideline strong pillars of the struggle/revolution Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu began three years ago. Speaking in a Wednesday interview with Mulengera News, Katumba (a veteran of the anti-Museveni struggle based in Kawempe) claimed the activities and operations of the Mafia clique inside the NUP Secretariat are so sophisticated, one needs to be equally sophisticated to comprehend their script.


“They have eliminated many of the experienced fighters who started PP with Hon Kyagulanyi and their objective clearly is to weaken our political movement,” he said adding that in many electoral positions, such Mafia actors have sidelined strong candidates by giving the office of flag bearership to political weaklings. A diehard supporter of Kampala Lord Mayoral candidate Nabillah Nagayi, Katumba enumerated people he considers strong contenders and key pillars in the Kyagulanyi movement whose names unexpectedly missed on the NUP candidates’ list. He referred to Kawempe South’s Dr. Roy Sembogga and Kawempe North’s Suleiman Kidandala Serwadda. “Even Chairman Nyanzi, they never wanted him to be the flag bearer for Kampala Central. They preferred allying with Mohammed Nsereko who works for Museveni but we overpowered them and some senior people intervened to reverse that decision. Didn’t you see what they did to Eddie Yawe in Kiira?”

Throughout the interview, Katumba didn’t have kind words for NUP Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya who he said is personally responsible for the decision to remove the NUP flag for the Kawempe North Lord Councillorship from him in favor of somebody who he said has lukewarm commitment to the anti-Museveni struggle. He has decided to stand as an independent but still loyal to Kyagulanyi. Eng Katumba [a close relative to Tamale Mirundi and who started out as a regular phone caller bashing Museveni along with Luba Kyoya, Makolo Kavuma, Isaac Mutyaba, Tom Julunga, Isma Lubega and others] also had no kind words for Mohamed Segirinya who he described as a good activist but not good enough to make a good legislator for Kawempe North. He said the fact that Segirinya could be given the NUP flag ahead of a seasoned politician like Suleiman Kidandala is a proper illustration of the extent to which the candidates’ selection exercise was flawed to serve the selfish personal interests of SG Rubongoya.


Eng Katumba claimed Segirinya isn’t only fatally unfit for the office of MP, he is also not adequately popular on the ground. He said that is why he joined fellow councilors recently for a press conference in Kanyanya during which they denounced NUP for fronting such an inept politician at the expense of better suited Suleiman Kidandala Sserwadda. On that day more than 40 of the 45 LC3 councillorship flag bearers for NUP in Kawempe denounced Segirinya and unanimously declared support for Kidandala who equally is the candidate for Eng Katumba. The man from Kiwangala in Masaka Buddu also admitted being at loggerheads with outgoing Kawempe North MP Latif Sebaggala whose insistence to get 5th term as area MP he likened to Gen Museveni’s peceived ambition to rule for life.

Katumba, who is a younger OB for Minister Haruna Kasolo (they both studied at Nakasoga SS in Rakai), said he doesn’t have anything personal against Segirinya, a man he claimed to have mentored into politics and the business of making phone calls into radio stations. “He was sharpening people’s knives at a fee on the streets of Wandegeya and it’s where I got him from. I really picked him from the dust and even got him to convert into a Muslim because he was Richard before adopting the name Mohammed. I always wished him well as my young brother and that is why I even inducted him into the radio phone calling business too. Actually that is how he succeeded making himself known,” says Katumba who also vehemently denied being involved in any flag bearers’ selection-related corruption and bribe-solicitation in NUP. “I have been a victim of the same vice myself. How then can I be accused of being the one facilitating those wanting to pay for the NUP ticket to be declared flag bearers?”

The key Nabillah campaigner admitted being an active hater of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago and went on to disclose he will be lobbying for the position of Deputy Lord Mayor should his candidate defeat Lukwago and become the new Lord Mayor for Kampala. “I will be taking the position of the Deputy Lord Mayor because I’m sure NUP, to which I proudly belong, is going to become the ruling party in Uganda through the 2021 elections. So, we shall have no time to fight the current Lord Mayor anymore,” said Katumba who has previously belonged to FDC, DP and Beti Kamya’s UFA party (a record he says he isn’t ashamed of). He has also twice competed for Councilor positions and didn’t succeed which is why some of his critics think he should be on the list of stunted politicians who are famously known as Kikoonwa. SEE VERBATTIM OF THE FULL INTERVIEW THRU THIS LINK (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at








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