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By Mulengera Reporters 

There are a number of MPs, some from opposition, who have vowed to do anything to ensure Rebecca Kadaga remains the Speaker of Parliament-and effectively the 3rd most powerful person in the country. These include NUP’s Joseph Sewungu, Nansana’s Nsereko Wakayima Musoke, Bbale Kayunga MP Charles Tebandeke, Busujju’s David Kalwanga (aka Lukyamuzi Jr), Kawempe Bashir Kazibwe and Mityana Woman MP Joyce Bagala Ntwatwa.  Jinja South West MP Dr. Lusala Batuwa is another legislator ready to die defending Kadaga’s right to scoop 3rd term and the same applies to Igara MP Mbwa Tekamwa Gafa.

The other very notorious Kadaga supporters include Busia MP Godfrey Macho and Joel Senyonyi but none of them beats Kagoma North’s Brandon Kintu (a very wealthy legislator married to a Muzungu with a huge home in Muyenga). At the just ended Kyankwanzi retreat, Brandon Kintu (who originally belonged to FDC and had stood thrice before finally winning the thing) funded merry-making events every evening to boost the morale of the Kadaga loyalists at the meeting that lasted weeks. He was the ring leader of a team of 11 MPs who stubbornly kept campaigning for Kadaga notwithstanding the fact that Gen Museveni, who banned premature campaigning, was in the vicinity. Mulengera News understands that Brandon Kintu is “dying on Kadaga” because he believes he wouldn’t be MP if it wasn’t for her deliberate efforts to have Kagoma County split into his North and Moses Muwanika Walyomu’s South.

Every morning, Brandon and the other 10 Kadaga diehards would disrupt the morning drills by shouting on top of their voices the following words: “good morning from Kadaga,” a thing that angered the retreat organizers to the extent that a one Afande Rukia who was in charge of dishing out the financial logistics of Shs12m (balance of Shs8m remained to subsequently make it Shs20m) per legislator (to enable the new MPs dust off/okwekubako enfufu) was ordered to blacklist and ensure none of them was given the facilitation allowance of Shs20m.

The group members have since been ringing Kyadondo, the headquarters of the ruling party, to no avail. They tried ringing Director F&A Madina Nahamu who shut them up saying she was away in Kakuto for the burial of Hon Mathias Kasamba. They have also been alleging that the State House aides, led by a one Vincent and Afande Night Kwikiriza, showed anti-Kadaga bias by allowing the bubbly Isingiro Woman MP Clare Mugumya (a renowned Oulanyah agent) to claim this was facilitation and token of appreciation from the man from Omoro County. They are also raising accountability questions on the organizers by wondering why the exact figure to be given wasn’t announced on the microphone in the hearing of Gen Museveni who solely sourced and made the offer of that money.

The very much aggrieved pro-Kadaga MPs have since vowed to look for the SG Kasule Lumumba and reveal to her the abusive insults (of things like “I’m too busy for people like you”) which Afande Rukia has been hurling at them each time they call to demand for their facilitation of Shs20m. Some of them have actually recorded some of these abuses on their phones and intend to table the same to the President at the upcoming NRM larger caucus meeting or retreat. The idea is to use those recordings as proof that many of them are being marginalized by Kyadondo and some State House handlers simply because they are Kadaga loyalists.

Brandon Kintu has vowed not to relent over the denied Shs20m because he says he is too rich to lose sleep over that “little money.” Indeed at Kyankwanzi he was the uncle money whose cash taps never seemed to dry though he attributed everything he did to Rebecca Kadaga. He, for instance, bought drinks for fellow legislators for whom he slaughtered a huge goat for bull roasting every evening insisting this was greetings from Kadaga.

On return from Kyankwanzi (buses dumped them at Kololo after 11pm on Thursday having left Kyankwanzi past 6pm), Brandon Kintu led his fellow MPs who are pro-Kadaga to Speke Resort Munyonyo where he treated them to a very expensive breakfast and the overall idea was to ensure the morale remains high. At the Munyonyo event, the more than 50 MPs (all of them newly elected) also strategized how to amplify their pro-Kadaga campaigns without being seen to be overly violating the ban Gen Museveni imposed on Speakership campaigning activities.

After Munyonyo, MPs returned home to replenish themselves a bit as they prepared to sneak into Fair Way Hotel where Kadaga spent much of the Friday night meeting up newly elected MPs from both NRM and opposition. At Fair Way, Kadaga received all the detailed intelligence and eye witness accounts from MPs regarding what they saw and how they were mistreated while at Kyankwanzi. Some told her about one of the PWDs MPs who kept threatening them openly that they would never be Minister as long as Museveni remains President because, according to him, supporting Kadaga is an abomination which can never go unpunished. The Fair Way meetings also strategized how to go about making the final push in the remaining few days to the voting day.

And now back to Joyce Bagala, the vibrant Mityana MP, who we are referring for our story headline. She has been very emphatic in all the Kadaga strategy planning meetings that not only is she prepared to lobby all NUP peers but to also do much more, including going physical, just to ensure the lady from Mbulamuti remains in the country’s number 3 position for another 5 years.

In one of the recent planning meetings, Bagala assured colleagues (as Sewungu characteristically cheered) that “I’m so much prepared for a fight on that voting day to the extent that I will be coming wearing jean trousers ready to punch anybody who will be out to stand in Mama’s way to retain Speakership.” Sewungu, Mbwa Tekamwa and Bugabula County MP Henry Maurice Kibalya encouraged her in her resolve asserting they are equally ready to cause chaos and trouble for anyone who will dare stand in Kadaga’s way. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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