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By Joel Mugabi

Nansana Municipality MP Musoke Nsereko Wakayima of the National Unity Platform (NUP) has issued an ultimatum to government and security agencies to completely resolve the spate of murders in the country or resign. Wakayima said he is deeply concerned over “endless ongoing murders” which have claimed about 30 lives in recent weeks.

Wakayima noted that even in the Nansana Municipality he represents, attacks such a September 12 night raid in Kazo Central Zone have left many in panic. Apart from the Greater Masaka Area, attacks by panga-wielding criminals have been reported in Namugongo and Mukono.

The opposition MP is also concerned that the Bijambiya gangs have now started threatening leaders and are even targeting security officers. He gave an example of Katabi where Mayor Kalema Basamulekere was issued with a warning attack, his official government vehicle vandalized and his personal assistant harmed. He further listed the murder of Ruharo Police Post OC Richard Agaba on duty on September 07.

“It’s unfortunate that this new wave of deaths is happening again and created more panic amongst communities that had returned to semblance of normalcy after security concentration was put in greater Masaka for a whole month,” said the legislator.

“We feel demoralized as leaders on whose shoulders the people lean. If the situation does not improve with positive diffusion of murders and community threats, the people will have no option other than resolving to take charge of their own village security through the local council defence committees.” Wakayima has also demanded a comprehensive plan to end the murders, short of which he says he will push for resignation of concerned officials.

“The security Minister and minister of Internal Affairs should with immediate effect come out and address the public with actionable and realistic solutions to end this in a period of five days,” he noted. “Failure of which a call to for a vote of no confidence and their immediate resignations will be passed. A state of emergency should be declared in the country as we formulate joint strategies of ending the murders.”(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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