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By Mulengera Reporters  

Joseph Okoboi Opolot, the bulky gentleman NUP party had initially fronted for the Gogonyo MP seat by-elections in Pallisa disrict, has revealed why he had no problem betraying Robert Kyagulanyi’s NUP which had sponsored him to vie for the same position.

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Speaking at the President’s rally this Tuesday in Gogonya, Opolot, who had met Gen Museveni in Kampala Monday night through Mike Mukula, revealed he was never NUP. Saying he never had any conviction for NUP and what it stands for, Opolot assured Gen Museveni: “I have always been your son and NRM conc except that some people messed up my win in the NRM primaries of 2020 and I protested by sheltering in NUP but it was a matter of time before I bounced back to NRM because that’s where my heart always was.”

As the crowd ululated, Opolot praised NRM saying it’s the only mighty party Uganda has which no intelligent politician can abandon for a weak political organization like NUP whose future remains uncertain. Flanked by other NRM leaders, Opolot confessed there is no way he could come on the NUP ticket and stand any chance because Gogonyo and Pallisa in general are NRM strongholds.

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That the only reason why Museveni doesn’t poll 100% in elections there is because of intrigue and infighting among ruling party leaders and not because of the strength of the opposition. Before thanking Mike Mukula, the NRM Eastern region Chairman, for guiding him away from what he called the NUP political confusion, Opolot implored Gen Museveni to quickly consider making him a Cabinet Minister to compensate the people of Pallisa who haven’t had any big Minister since the days of the late Stephen Mallinga who famously defected from UPC into NRM and was prized with a Ministerial position as the one in charge of Health. Mallinga had been Museveni’s contemporary at Ntare School in the 1960s.

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Exhibiting his political opportunism without any sophistication, Opolot said deploying him in the Cabinet capacity will inspire many other frustrated young men and women still in NUP and other opposition groups to come to the ruling NRM. He also thanked the area clergy and cultural leaders for emboldening his decision to quit NUP for NRM which he said is a more progressive political group. He said he only went to NUP to demonstrate his anger at vote rigging in NRM which he, ironically, said remains his beloved political party.

At this point, Mike Mukula, who called himself the Archbishop of the ruling NRM in Eastern Uganda, decorated him with NRM colors as he begged Gen Museveni to allow him back into the mighty party. Mukula also introduced other big people around besides thanking VP Jessica Alupo and Premier Robinah Nabanja for their support for Derrick Orone who is the NRM candidate in the Thursday by-election which chief mobilizer Rose Seninde predicted NRM would win with over 90%. Mukula thanked Museveni for investing in Tirinyi-Pallisa-Kumi road which he claimed is now the best road in Eastern Uganda. Mukula also thanked the Arab Contractors for doing such a good job paving the same road.

Mukula, who one time aspired to be the President of Uganda by campaigning against the veteran leader from Rwakitura, begged the crowd to support Gen Museveni’s reelection in 2026 so that he has ample time to accelerate the East African Political Federation. Speaking moments later, Gen Museveni scolded earlier speakers, Mukula inclusive, for dedicating alot of time chanting ‘NRM Oyee’ instead of teaching people how to overcome poverty, environmental degradation and become wealth creators (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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