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By Mulengera Reporters

Before finally beginning to sleep with ex-Archbishop Stanley Ntagali resulting into a child being sired, Judith Tukamuhabwa had been a close friend well-known to his wife Beatrice Abwoli. Judith knows Beatrice right from their respective birth places as they both hail from Bafundi Sub County in what became Rubanda district. This used to be part of Kabale. The very seductive Judith studied at Kigata High School in the same area. Renowned for being a social climber, Judith always plotted to access the ex-Archbishop (who equally originates from Kigezi and is one of the prominent citizens she grew up having a crush on) in a bid to have bodily and emotional needs solved.

Fast forward in 2019, when she started getting problems in her relationship with her husband Rev Christopher Tugumehabwe, Judith looked up Beatrice and confided in her having grown up taking her to be her foster mother. She specifically sought audience with the Archbishop’s wife after the management of Kabale-based Bishop Burham University College chased Rev Tugumehabwe from staff quarters after their physical fights became too rampant. She wanted to know if there was a way Beatrice could help out beyond just praying for the couple. He was a lecturer of Theology & Religious Studies. Clearly, they were struggling with life after being humiliatingly chased from staff quarters.

Each time Rev Tugumehabwe barked at her or occasioned any physical violence on her, Judith would ring Beatrice insisting she finds a way of getting Ntagali to exercise his supervisory authority and rebuke her husband into becoming a more respectful husband. She would come to the couple’s home and many times would leave without ever having direct audience with Ntagali because he would be very busy meeting several delegations from across the entire CoU Province. But one day she cried to Beatrice insisting she would wait for as long as it takes but wasn’t prepared to leave their home without directly interacting with the Archbishop. “At least he can pray for me for a short time and I will emotionally get healed because Maama I’m becoming broken too much,” she insisted.

Indeed, she got her turn to meet one on one with Ntagali and confided in him all her problems. He initially advised her to refer her problems to the Mother’s Union but the very seductive young lady, who kept rolling her eyes on him while suggestively licking her lips, declined saying all past efforts by such organs of the Church hadn’t yielded. Knowledgeable sources say the Archbishop subsequently took note of her beauty and gradually made up his mind not to only pray for her but also become the mender of her broken heart. “Young lady, Don Williams did a song to the effect that broken hearts never mend but it’s going to be a different story altogether,” Ntagali reportedly said to Judith as he ended praying for her.

Phone contacts were exchanged and the two kept in touch with Ntagali offering to pray for her as often as she desired. They kept getting close and eventually Judith would know the upcountry hotels the big man would be staying in each time he travelled upcountry for official errands in his capacity as Archbishop. The more they enjoyed special moments the more the two consenting adults became addicted to having each other’s company and the result was a child. It’s not yet clear at what point Beatrice got to realize the two were now an item but along the way Judith assured Ntagali she was here to stay and wasn’t going to move even an inch.

Each time an increasingly disinterested Ntagali begged to call it off and be let go, the young lady would assure him of dire reputational consequences including posting on social media photos of them enjoying cozy moments. And all this would be to his personal detriment as a top man of God who ideally is expected to be loyal to only one woman. That is how Ntagali became hostage and things only became more complicated for him after Judith demanded that he releases money to sustain and expand her Mbarara boutique business which initially was located on City Light Arcade along Makhansingh Street before relocating to Mbarara High Street-based New Amazon Arcade’s 2nd floor. In the end, it’s among the many Ugandan businesses who sunk into oblivion as a result of the COVID19 lockdown.

While in plying her boutique trade in Mbarara, Judith (who currently lives in Entebbe) was renting in the Nyamitanga Katete Ward neighborhood. The members of the Mbarara Arcade traders association had a SACCO in which she was a member and used to voluntarily make a monthly (saving) contribution of Shs400,000 even when the mandatory monthly fee per member was a mere Shs100,000. Unwillingness to quit booze and keep away from the Mbarara party scene was among the factors that complicated reconciliation between Judith and Rev Tugumehabwe who considered such free-spirited way of life to be unbecoming of a Reverend’s spouse.   (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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