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By Mulengera Reporters

Haji Suleiman Lomolo Mafabi, a leading funder of NRM party in Bugisu sub region, has used his political clout to cause the arrest of some of the leaders of Phaneero Ministries protesting the conversion (to Christianity) of his 18-year-old daughter Shamilah Mafabi during Apostle Grace Lubega’s end of year overnight prayers of Tuesday 31st December 2019. Themed: “2020 is my year of abundant fruit, the New Year’s Eve prayer crusade took place at KCCA Grounds Lugogo where tens of thousands of people, mostly teenagers, converged to usher in the New Year 2020.

Photographic representation of NRM Chairman and tycoon Suleiman Mafabi Lomolo and Phaneero head Apostle Grace Lubega

On sneaking out of her parents in Mbale where they had gone for the festive season, Shamilah Mafabi secretly travelled to Kampala having confided in friends the Spirit was continuously convicting her to go and convert to Christianity at Apostle Grace Lubega’s Phaneero in Lugogo. And that exactly is what she did. She did this secretly fearing that, being a diehard Muslim of the Ahmadiyya sect, her dad Lomolo wouldn’t allow her do what she felt the Spirit was convicting her to. In fact, despite the Constitution being very clear on the freedom of worship permitting all adults to practice the religion of their choice, in devout Muslim families like that of Lomolo (who also chairs NRM in Sironko district) accepting salvation and converting to Christianity is abominable (Haram) and a red line of sorts a child must not cross.

This explains the fury with which Lomolo has reacted to Shamilah’s voluntary and well consented decision to convert (she took herself to Phaneero without anyone coercing her). So, at home on realizing she was missing and her phones were off, Lomolo reported everywhere alerting security that his child had been kidnapped. The police network countrywide was alerted as the girl busied herself praying at Phaneero. In the morning of Wednesday 1st January 2020, the organizers of the prayers noticed some young lady was confused with seemingly nowhere to go. This was towards 9am when everybody else had left the KCCA Grounds Lugogo.

They approached her seeking to understand what was going on. “I’m stranded,” she told them before explaining the whole story. “I hail from a strong Muslim family and I now fear what awaits me on returning home.” She also told them she was penniless making her return home complicated. She also pleaded with them to help her find a way on how to plead to her father not to do anything harmful to her protesting her conversion to Christianity. It was then that Apostle Grace Lubega’s assistants (who were removing the tents) sought for her dad’s number. The girl instead gave them the number of her elder sister who refused to send her transport saying Lomolo was so furious he had even ex-communicated her. On learning where the daughter was, Lomolo reacted furiously immediately accusing them of kidnap and forcefully causing disappearance of a person. They offered to give her transport back to Mbale after consulting their Church superiors. But it was realized she needed freshening up before travelling. She begged to be taken to the home of Lubega’s assistants in Namasuba along Entebbe Road which they reluctantly accepted. As she prepared to set off for Mbale from Namasuba, the elder sister rang saying things are bad because ‘Dad says never come back to his home.’ The young girl (who first fell for Christianity at one of the city schools where she recently completed her A’level) begged to sleep over as she consults relatives on where to go and what to do next. The Phaneero boys reluctantly allowed her to sleep over up to 2nd January. In the meantime, Lomolo had obtained the number on which Shamilah had communicated to her elder sister. He gave it to Police who used it to track and arrest the Phaneero assistants that had given refugee to his daughter and that’s how they got arrested.

Grace Lubega’s way of preaching the gospel always attracts many teenagers the very reason 18-year-old Shamilah Mafabi felt at home going there on Tuesday 31st December 2019

Being a big man in the ruling party (his Kampala Modernity supplied the vehicles top NRM bureaucrats cruise in besides being the supplier of campaign materials for the President’s campaigns), Lomolo immediately liaised with authorities at Jinja Road Police Station. That is how detectives were dispatched to arrest three top officials of the Phaneero Ministries namely Edward Omonyi, Desire Ayebare and Daniel Mayanja. The young girl too was caged along with them.

Then yesterday Friday afternoon there was a dangerous escalation of the situation when the complainant (being Lomolo with both money, power and political influence) caused the transfer of the suspects from Jinja Road police station to Mbale Police Station where they are currently being held. The Police authorities in Mbale, seemingly very frightened not to antagonize Lomolo in any way, have since acquiesced to the trio being charged with defilement curiously abandoning the original complaint of kidnap. Lomolo has vowed to do all in his power to ensure the trio and their other backers still at large, heavily pay for whatever mischief and emotional affliction that was occasioned to him and the entire family as they hassled to locate their daughter. At the time of posting this story,Betty Muserwa one of the lawyers for Phaneero Ministries was on her way to Mbale to help rescue the trio that continue to be incarcerated there.

It remains to be seen who of the two, Apostle Lubega and Lomolo, will have the last laugh because Phaneero (comprising of top corporates) isn’t an easy component of the Pentecostal Movement that anyone will just step on them and get away with it. You can be sure influential power brokers like Robert Kayanja are going to get involved leveraging on their strong connections in the First Family implying cracking tycoon Lomolo might have himself to blame in the end. (For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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