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By Mulengera Reporters

Several NRM flag bearers for the MP and LC5 positions, speaking from the different regions of Uganda, have intimated to Mulengera News that they are this week expecting a windfall from their party chairman YK Museveni through the Justine Kasule Lumumba-led Secretariat. The windfall is coming in form of between Shs40m and Shs50m they are each expecting as facilitation to deliver the final political punch against the opposition ahead of the 2021 elections.

In his ongoing campaigns in the countryside, Gen Museveni has realized that morale is generally low largely because “the Kamutaka [as the party national mobilization chief Mathias Kasamba likes calling money]” hasn’t yet been released.

That is the reason why the release of the funding, which is the party’s contribution to each candidate’s campaign, is being expedited to ensure by the end of this month, everybody gets their share.

This is how the figure comes to slightly more than Shs28bn (roughly Shs30bn): each of the 146 candidates for women MP positions (for each of the 146 districts and newly-created cities) is expecting Shs50m as facilitation from “nanyini sente [as Peter Sematimba one time christened Gen Museveni]” through the party. The flag bearers for the same number of LC5/cities’ chairperson/mayoral positions are each expecting the same amount in facilitation from the party.

Yet that isn’t all. There is another category comprising of the directly elected MPs numbering up to 353 candidates in total. Because theirs are smaller county-based constituencies, they are each anticipating Shs40m as facilitation from the party; which is Shs10m less than what flag bearers for district and city woman MP positions will be getting.

Combining the 146 LC5/mayoral flag bearers and woman MP candidates for the districts and cities (combining to become 292), the total figure to be shared becomes Shs14.6bn (with each of the 292 contestants pocketing Shs50m as facilitation). And as for the directly elected MPs, carrying the NRM flag in each of the 353 constituencies available to be competed for between them and colleagues from other parties, the total to be shared comes to Shs14.12bn (each pocketing Shs40m).

Whereas it looks a lot of money, when compared to opposition candidates who are campaigning virtually on nothing, in some places he has already campaigned in, Gen Museveni has already been confronted by dissatisfied NRM flag bearers who say that mere allocation of Shs40-50m is nothing but peanuts.

For the Teso sub region, Gen Museveni nearly lost his head when flag bearers prepared a memorandum which Ngora Woman MP Jackie Amongin read out demanding that they each be allocated as additional Shs200m to be able to campaign effectively and deliver the sub region to NRM at Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Councils’ levels.

The justification was that “we are now a special case because FDC’s POA hails from here and people want to kill him with votes because he is their son.” Burning with a rage, Gen Museveni shut up the long-serving MP vowing not to offer anyone any additional money beyond what their counterparts in the rest of the country will be getting. Watch this space for our detailed reporting of the dramatic events that unfolded at this secret meeting Gen Museveni held (over the weekend) with Teso flag bearers venued in a tent erected behind the main administration block of Soroti University.    (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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