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 By Mulengera Reporters

 Some of the NRM Election Officials in the districts upcountry have written to President Museveni protesting under-facilitation by their superiors in Kampala. NRM has thousands of election officials in the whole country whose work is decentralized at different levels up to the villages which essentially serve as polling stations.

The category we are writing about here are those who participated in conducting flag bearer elections for urban authorities like Town Councils on Wednesday and those for Sub County Chairpersons and rural LC3 councilors today Thursday. In their petition to the President, they are expressing anger that whereas they anticipated being remunerated separately for each day as was budgeted by the organizers at the national level, they were paid only for one day and were told that this single day allowance covered their labor for two days.

The category includes Sub County Registrars who must work through parish and village registrars to effectively do the job down wards. Each parish, comprising several villages, is overseen by a parish registrar who directly supervises lower level election cadres called village registrars. The village registrars are the guys who man polling at the polling stations and are closely assisted by a group of subordinates called village polling assistants. There are also polling station security officers at each polling station each of whom was budgeted to receive SShs10,000 per day as allowance for their work.


Each of the village polling assistants was entitled to Shs20,000 allowance per day while the village registrars were each entitled to Shs30,000 per day. Parish registrars were each budgeted to receive an allowance of Shs40,000 per day and Sub County Registrars were each anticipating Shs60,000 per day making it Shs120,000 for the two days.

The NRM schedule showing how much each of the polling officials was entitled to pocketing in allowances everyday

Those aggrieved NRM polling officials who spoke to Mulengera News about their petition to the President this Thursday evening claimed it’s unfair and unacceptable for anyone to pay them half of what they expected and they want the HE to have the last word on the matter. On receiving the petition filed through the President’s office at Parliamentary Buildings, State House officials became furious and they are fearful that such exploitation makes such lower level election officials susceptible to being bribed by wealthier contestants leading to results being altered in their favor.

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