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By Mulengera Reporters

All isn’t well for Nansana Municipality MP candidate for NUP Wakayima Nsereko Musoke who faces many battles from fellow opposition diehards. Mulengera News investigations have revealed that, save for a few NUP flag bearers for councilor positions, majority of the political leaders in Nansana are up in arms against Wakayima who otherwise remains very popular with the ordinary voters. Incumbent Mayor Regina Bakitte (who he preceded in that office) is actively against him yet they both belong to NUP and are carrying its flag. For the MP Seat, Bakitte supports Enock Musoke, a NUP-leaning independent with whom she belonged to DP prior.

Yet there are also very influential DPs who have always been pivotal to his politics yet they are now actively out against Wakayima whose defection to NUP they are now perceiving as betrayal to the old party that raised him from the dust. Wakayima, who is related to Frank Gashumba from the maternal side, is actively being fought by a group of DP diehards led by Keith Ssali, Busukuma Division LC3 Chairperson D Mutebi and Elijah Kazibwe (DP Constituency Chairman) whose candidate is Edwin Kibuka who is carrying the DP lag against Wakayima.

The reality is despite their Presidential Candidate Mao not having as much political electricity (wave or amasanyalaze) like Kyagulanyi, the DPs remain a strong force in Kyaddondo of which the Municipality is part. For instance majority incumbent councilors and those likely to come in for the 2021-2026 period are DPs and they have acted tactfully by shunning Mao while embracing Kyagulanyi as their Presidential Candidate too. That increases their acceptability among the voters and they don’t mind Mao that much because they know even Kyagulanyi can’t win and be declared President. To them, the best he can get is being declared 2nd. What matters for them is getting elected and securing those lower level local government seats for DP.

The more formidable threat Wakayima faces though comes from Katooke LC1 Chairman in Wamala Parish Nabweru Division by the names of Steven Kaweesa who has continued professing Kyagulanyi and NUP despite the act he was never given the ticket as the same went to Wakayima. His supporters say that Kaweesi deserves to win because he one time invested Shs13m in PP/NUP to support party activities unlike Wakayima who has financially been struggling since losing his MP Seat to NRM’s Kasule Sebunya through court petitions.

Kaweesa, with whom Wakayima fought a few days ago when their processions came face to face on Nabweru road, can’t be taken lightly because his native Wamala Parish has the highest number of voters of all the parishes in Nansana Municipality-and he is anticipating a block vote there which can greatly boost his chances in this sharply divided constituency. The candidates are many and they are all professing opposition including the embattled sports philanthropist David Katumwa who hails from Busukuma Division where he is expecting a block vote.


The constituency has 103 villages which all the opposition-leaning candidates are traversing day and night demonizing Wakayima Musoke who they are fearing more than even NRM’s Kasule who is actually the incumbent area MP. The candidates include Katumwa, Kaweesa, Enock Musoke, Edwin Kibuuka, ANT’s Rajab Kaaya Semalulu and others. The biggest propaganda that continues to be propagated against Wakayima is that he lacks academic qualification which his tormentors are falsely saying can be the only explanation accounting for discrepancies in his names (see related story

The trouble for Wakayima about this relates to the fact that in this era of scientific election campaigns, you need to have a lot of grass root presence through councilors and other elected leaders who have very close proximity to the voters in the community. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case because majority of such influential community-level leaders are DP and they want him to fail and be politically buried merely because they consider his NUP defection betrayal. In fact to such DPs, NRM’s Kasule is more agreeable than Wakayima. This state of political affairs has left Wakayima to be largely dependent on the mercy of the Kyagulanyi NUP-Umbrella wave only. It can’t be money because the otherwise very generous Wakayima is currently very broke.

The hateful DPs are eagerly waiting for the day police is going to swing into action and arrest Wakayima against whom the Steven Kaweesa camp has reported a case of violence at the Nansana Police in respect of the last week fracas which left Kaweesa badly bruised. He actually continues to be hospitalized at a medical facility in Lugoba. The uncorroborated report at police indicates that Wakayima personally thumped Kaweesa because he considers him the most formidable challenger he faces. The Wakayima tormentors are have also referencing on what happened to DP’s Sam Kibanga who in 2016 stood against Wakayima and got thumped by Wakayima’s supporters in Kaweesa-like circumstances during that year’s campaigning period.

This record is being used to portray Wakayima as a man who always unleashes physical violence against his political opponents. As all this melee is unfolding among the opposition forces, NRM’s Kasule Sebunya has already embarked on preparing his victory speech because all he needs to do is to consolidate all the NRM votes and victory will be his once he overcomes hateful technocrats who he says messed him up last time in 2016 by undercounting his votes. Despite being NRM, they don’t like Kasule and one of them is very close to Al-Hajji Moses Kigongo.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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