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By Mulengera Reporters

The NBS TV’s Morning Breeze edition for today Thursday ended prematurely, leaving millions of viewers wondering what had exactly happened. In the studio was the fire-breathing Deputy ICT Minister Aidah Nantaba who is also Kayunga woman MP. As ever, Simon Kaggwa Njala was at hand to ask the hard questions but moments into the show, a team of lawyers showed up waving a court injunctive order.

NRM Chairman Kayunga district Moses Karangwa Kalisa seen here next to his mentor Gen Salim Saleh and he remains a chief tormentor of Aidah Nantaba in the Kayunga district politics. The businessman says the Minister has defamed him enough and now is the time to seek protection through the courts of law.

“This is contempt of court. This show must stop or else proceedings are commenced against the station,” one of them shouted demanding that Nantaba matches out. Consultations were quickly carried out and management was advised the right thing to do was to stop the show to avoid making Next Media legally liable for contempt of court. It turned out Nantaba had been sued by Moses Kalisa Karangwa the NRM Chairman Kayunga district and also big-name businessman in Jinja accusing her of using these media appearances to defame him. And there was also a court injunction outlawing all her media utterances in reference to the person of Karangwa except that the station wasn’t aware of the same. Lawyers were here to bring it to their attention.

Karangwa and Nantaba have been archrivals for an eternity and have been fielding candidates against each other, something that has created sharp Divisions in the NRM camp in Kayunga. A larger group of NRM cadres are flocking with moneybags Moses Karangwa and a small faction remains loyal to Nantaba who has lately lost many allies in the district among councilors and LC3 Chairpersons.

One of the lawyers representing Karangwa (Richardson Okalang) subsequently explained to Mulengera News why the NBS talk show had to be stopped mid-way. “She has been on many radios uttering very defamatory, malicious and untrue stuff against my client who has a name to protect. She has been on Radio Simba, NTV and this morning NBS making wild allegations well knowing they are untrue. So, we this morning learnt she was on NBS and we gave the benefit of doubt to the management thinking they weren’t aware there are proceedings against her and a court injunction requiring her to stop making any statements about my client until the case has been heard and determined in its finality. The whole point is whoever hosts her will be liable for contempt of court and we thought we need to bring the court order to the attention of NBS in case they weren’t aware of the order stopping her utterances about my client,” Okalang explained in a phone interview.

Nantaba has continued claiming there are people wanting to kill her and that Karangwa is aware of everything. Karangwa’s lawyer says now is the best opportunity for her to prove her allegations before the courts of law

Asked whether Nantaba wasn’t aware of the injunctive order that risks bringing his law firm and client into bad relations with media houses desiring to host or interview her, Okalang said; “She is fully aware of the order and the suit against her in the Civil Division of the High Court in Kampala but she is just adamant, defiant and unwilling to respect any authority in this country.”

The lawyer explained that Nantaba has duly been served and notified of the proceedings against her through the office of the Speaker and she has 15 days to file her defense justifying the defamatory stuff she has lately been uttering against Karangwa.

“My client is not so much about money but there will be consequences depending on the findings of court. Should she fail to justify or prove those allegations against him, which I know is going to be the case because there is no way falsehoods can be proved anywhere, she [Nantaba] will have to pay damages and costs of not less than Shs500m,” Okalang explained. He added that Shs500m would actually be peanuts compared to the damage her utterances have caused “to my client who isn’t only the NRM chairman Kayunga district but also a businessman of high repute.”

The lawyer particularized his client’s claim against Nantaba as arising from many things she has lately been uttering against him. That she (without any corroboration) has been calling him a thief, a murderer and land-grabber. The lawyer says that Nantaba has also been inciting the public against his client by falsely and knowingly claiming that he had conspired with Ronald Sebulime to bump her off and that he remains central to the plot she claims remains active to have her assassinated.

The Moses Karangwa Kalisa injunction the lawyers used to stop the NBS talk show where embattled ICT Minister Aidah Nantaba was to be hosted

“She says he wants to kill her and that he has killed many other people before and that her life is under threat and that my client is responsible for all that. Now those are very serious allegations which she will have to prove in court because it’s affecting my client’s reputation. She is aware we sued her for defamation and yet she continues uttering more false things against my client. That is why we had to get that injunctive court order restraining her from further utterances but she hasn’t heeded.”

The case has been allocated to Justice Dr. Andrew Bashaija who heads the Civil Division and a hearing date will immediately be set the moment Nantaba files her defense. Karangwa says he has always given Nantaba a contempt card and kept quiet but her defamation has lately become too much and its high time he seeks protection from the courts of law like any other citizen would be entitled. Counsel Okalang says they are appreciative of the fact that on seeing the court injunction, the NBS management complied by asking Njala to stop the Nantaba show and hopes other media platforms Nantaba has been using will emulate the NBS example. (For comments on this story, email us at or call us on 0200900416).






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