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By Mulengera Reporters 

As he campaigned in Pallisa Gogonyo by-elections this Tuesday afternoon, Gen Museveni wondered why the crowd was aloof and not exhibiting any appetite to laugh at his jokes.

The man from Rwakitura, who kept bragging about elevating the area from poverty and obscurity while working with big name political leaders from Pallisa since the days of Dr. Stephen Mallinga (his Ntare School OB), reached a point of wondering whether the lady who was translating his address into the local language wasn’t distorting his message.

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“I hope my daughter here isn’t saying her own things,” said Museveni before the crowd and some local leaders present assured him it was okay. Museveni implored the roughly 25,000 eligible voters for Gogonyo County to be there for themselves (bebereremu) on Thursday by voting for the NRM candidate because of the many good things and transformation the ruling party has delivered for their district over the years.

He said the security problems which used to result from cattle rustling raids by the Karamajongs had long ceased to be a problem. He assured the crowd that he would help them solve the lingering ethnic quarreling between the Bakeni and Bagweres once they comfort him by overwhelmingly voting for Derrick Orone as opposed to the independent candidate Issa Taligola who didn’t manage to get the NRM flag.

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Museveni caused laughter when he forced the candidate Orone to come to the microphone and address the crowd in Atesot language (to prove he is son of the soil) before he could hand over to him the flag to symbolize his being the NRM candidate in the Thursday by-elections.

In a related development, State Minister in charge of environment Beatrice Anywar came late for the Presidential rally and drove into the venue after Gen Museveni had finished his campaign address after which he handed over the flag to Derrick Orone.

She (Anywar) almost went unnoticed only to be saved by the lady who had been translating the big man’s speech. She is the only who announced her arrival to a clearly disinterested audience, a large of fraction of whom didn’t even seem to know who Amywar is and what she exactly does in Uganda. Some were beginning to melt away since the President’s speech had ended and the leader from Rwakitura had already bid them farewell. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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