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By Isaac Wandubile

National ID Registration Authority (NIRA) has this Wednesday embarked on training health workers who man the numerous KCCA health facilities in Kampala so that they can play more elaborative supportive roles to ensure the citizens data is adequately captured during the registration of births and deaths. Unknown to many citizens of Uganda, the Registration of Persons Act 2015 makes the two registrations mandatory and whoever omits doing either of the two actually commits an offence.

KCCA’s Dr. Daniel Okello (M) seated during a panel discussion

The same Act establishes NIRA mandating it to enforce registration of both births and deaths whenever either of the event occurs involving citizens of Uganda. Having realized there are lots of gaps in the way this aspect of their mandate has been performed since 2015, the NIRA management decided to effect a partnership with KCCA whose officials they are now collaborating with to ensure all the public health facilities in Kampala are utilized to ensure 100% registration of both births and deaths as all this is good for government planning besides enhancing efforts to increase government revenue through the NTR avenue as the respective certificates are issued.

NIRA, which inherited this registration mandate from URSB whose bosses easily surrendered the role to them on grounds they are too busy with the Bureau’s core mandate, now says after consolidating their partnership with KCCA the same will be replicated with public health facilities in other Local Governments across Uganda. The idea is such decentralized way of service delivery will make it easier for citizens to access the relevant birth and death certificates which is good for everyone.

Some of the participants at the KCCA-NIRA induction training that took place at Imperial Royale on how to enforce mandatory birth & death registration

Each time a birth takes place in a public health facility, a notification will be electronically sent to NIRA and later be accompanied with a corroborational document signed by the Hospital Administrator or Superintendent. For the births occurring within the community, the same will be certified and communicated to NIRA by the Town Clerks of the Municipal authorities or the Sub County Chief for the rural Gombololas. Such record will disclose a range of information regarding that newly-born baby including time and date of birth; the registration number of the child and parents’ names. NIRA officials clarified during the KCCA induction training at Imperial Royale Hotel this Wednesday that such birth registration will be free of charge but a parent desiring to obtain the relevant resultant certificate will pay just Shs5,000 to have the same printed and passed on to him or her. The Shs5,000 is payable in the bank as is the practice with all NTRs which citizens pay for a service from any other agency of government. This is actually already happening and DTB has cashed in most compared to the rest of the Ugandan commercial banks.

KCCA’s Dr. Daniel Okello told the KCCA public health workers during the training that it will be punishable if any of them comes up with any fictitious charges to exploit Ugandan citizens seeking registration services at their respective facilities. Conservative NIRA estimates show that over 3,640 birth certificates are averagely currently printed per month in Kampala alone-and at Shs5,000 per certificate printed and issued out, the NTR figure comes to Shs218m annually. NIRA officials believe much more such birth registration services can be sought and much more money collected to facilitate service delivery by government once more awareness is created and KCCA-like partnerships are created across the country with other LGs.

The health workers present at the training welcomed the exercise and promised to work hand in hand with NIRA to ensure more Kampalans can access registration services more conveniently without enduring the hassle of having to trek to Kololo and other NIRA liaison centers. (For comments on this story, reach the author on 0778180887 or email editor at 

Some of the participants at the KCCA-NIRA induction training that took place at Imperial Royale on how to enforce mandatory birth & death registration 



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