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By Andrew Baba

A family in remote Ngora District (represented by the very indifferent Woman MP Jacqueline Amongin) has accused Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Ambrose Onoria of threatening to harm them after he refused to treat their son who was knocked down by his official car. Onoria’s car reportedly knocked Paul Eriu, 24, who was riding on his commercial motorcycle, breaking his legs, on December 21, 2019.

At the time of the accident, the RDC’s brother was driving him from his wedding ceremony. The President’s Representative in the district moved out of the vehicle to help carry the victim to a medical facility for first aid.

Although Onoria had promised to foot the patient’s medical bills, Paul Eseru, Eriu’s brother, has told Mulengera News the RDC has since changed his mind.

The young man from the Ngora family is all the entire family had and his future has now been brought to a half courtesy of the RDC’s vehicle. This was on the day the accident happened. RDC Ambrose Onoria ow says he won’t give him even a coin because he is a very impolite young man who doesn’t respect big people.

Riding on the RDC’s promise of support after his wedding, Eriu’s family had sought the requisite medical help, accumulating hospital bills from Kumi Orthopedic Hospital. But when the wedding ended, Onoria started avoiding calls from the family’s known phone numbers.

“When he finally picked days after Christmas, he said he was no longer interested in paying the bills because the victim had not been humble enough to deserve his assistance,” said Eseru.

Now walking with the help of crutches, Eriu is unable to work on his farm nor ride his motorcycle to earn a living. “Gardening and boda boda work were what I earned money to sustain our family from,” said Eriu, his voice faint with agony. “I feel the world is falling on me.”

Onoria has also threatened Eriu, Eseru and other vocal family members to shut up or he will deal with them using his powerful office and connections in Kampala. The threats intensified after the family reported Onoria to the secretariat of RDCs in the president’s office.

While the secretariat is yet to pronounce itself on the matter, the RDC has advised Eseru that their family should sue government since the vehicle that knocked his brother doesn’t belong to him but government.

For his part, Onoria told this reporter: “That young man Eseru should not think he can fight me. All he needed to do was to come and talk to me politely. Even my bosses from State House have called me and I have told them let him go to court.” (For comments on this story, call/text or whatsapp us on 0705579994/0200900416 or email us at   

The motorcycle on which the young man was riding on the fateful day



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