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By Mulengera Reporters

A group of disgruntled UPCs led by Robert Odeke are up in arms showing dissatisfaction with the way Jimmy Akena has led as Party President. Sources say they are operating under a Pressure Group called UPC Dream Team and Odeke is their pioneer coordinator.

They intend to engage in a range of political activities aimed at giving the party some visibility while pressurizing Akena to lead better and in a more inclusive way than currently when many party big-name members are in political oblivion protesting Akena’s cautious political approaches. They say Akena has led in a way that has portrayed him as too cowardly to confront the NRM in any way.

These are mostly former UPC candidates in 2016 elections who feel the deal Akena engaged in with Museveni only benefited him personally and his wife Betty Amongin who became Minister in Museveni’s government-of Lands initially and currently KCCA Affairs.

This exclusion from the Akena-Museveni deal, that was meant to benefit the party and not individuals, is said to be causing large sections of Akena’s original supporters to feel extremely aggrieved-and they consider now to be the time to begin contradicting and denouncing him publicly.

Whereas Akena is content with the way Museveni is leading and is reluctant to sponsor candidates against NRM ones in 2021, the pressure group members want a UPC that must front candidates in 2021 from the Presidency to the lowest elective office in the country. They are organizing a news conference next Tuesday to rally party members to begin rising up against the Akena betrayal. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at 

Akena flanked by his predecessors in UPC presidency namely Miria Obote and Olara Otunnu



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