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By Mulengera Reporter

Medicines and health products regulator National Drug Authority (NDA) has stepped up efforts to block fake personal protective equipments (PPE) from entering the Ugandan market as demand for the protective gear increases in the wake of the deadly Covid19 disease.

According to NDA Secretary David Nahamya, the agency will “continue to maintain oversight over the quality and performance” of the protective equipment as a way of protecting the lives of Ugandans.

“In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, National Drug Authority recognizes that the demand for critical PPEs has tremendously increased and the available supply chain has to step up to meet the demand. One of NDA’s priorities in combating the Covid19 pandemic is facilitating access to these quality devices,” said Nahamya in a statement issued on April 02.

Noting that section 1(k) of the National Drug Policy and Authority Act (Cap. 206) empowers the agency to regulate the importation, exportation and distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and medical face masks, Nahamya announced guidelines importers and intending local manufactures should follow to have their PPEs allowed on the Ugandan market.

“Companies that wish to manufacture PPEs locally shall write to the Secretary to the Authority expressing their interest in the same. NDA has developed an abridged approval system to ensure that products are made available to the market by local manufacturers,” he said.  “Licensed importers of drugs and medical equipment shall be authorized to import through the existing importation procedure.”

Nahamya added that the Authority will keep receiving applications for importation of PPEs through the NDA management information system (NDAMIS), further promising quick consideration of the requests, and assuring Ugandans of a process that will not let them down regarding the quality of protective gear, medicines and other health supplies.

“As part of the emergency response efforts, NDA has instituted systems to speed up import verification and clearance of legitimate products and shall continue to monitor import systems to prevent and mitigate potential entry of illegitimate products on the Ugandan market,” he said.

The full NDA statement rationalizing the new guidelines

Meanwhile, applicants who wish to seek more clarification on the application process have been advised to contact the Authority through WhatsApp number 0791 415 555, email (, toll free line number 0800-101-999 or non-toll free lines: 0417788100, 0417788101, 0417788124, 0417788129. These same contact channels can also be used to report fake PPEs and medicines on the market.

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