By Hezekiah Mbogo Jr

The GCW Ruth Ssentamu Nankabirwa has criticized voters for turning their MPs into ATM machines. Speaking at Butebo district’s belated women’s day celebrations recently, Nankabirwa said many MPs had become non performers because they are always stressed with financial and material demands that are relentlessly made to them by their voters. She said its morally unacceptable for a father or mother who willingly produced children to turn to the MPs each time school fees payment becomes due. She said MPs have many obligations towards their voters but paying school fees and cash handouts should never be one of those obligations. She said its okay for MPs to be asked to contribute during bereavement because voluntarily contributing during that period is deeply embedded in African culture. She said MPs are always in Kampala to do their legislative and oversight work yet they are always absent trying to concentrate in the constituencies to make up for their failure to adequately provide for their voters’ material and financial needs. She said once allowed to concentrate on national duties in Kampala, MPs will be able to lobby government for the development programs to come to their constituencies for the voters to benefit. Nankabirwa said instead voters should take advantage of government programs like OWC and those aimed at mass education to educate their children and gradually overcome poverty. She said the provision of social services by the NRM government should enable communities to lead better lives while allowing MPs to concentrate on core duties like legislation and oversight. She says since the next elections is still far away, MPs should be allowed to work first ahead of the 2021 electoral period. Nankabirwa also encouraged women to become more interested in political positions saying its one way through which ills like domestic violence can be diminished in Uganda. The event that was clearly politicized in favor of NRM was held at Kakoro sub-county headquarters and the theme was  “Empowering women through innovative approaches: a prerequisite for inclusive and sustainable development.” Nankabirwa warned that endless begging could prompt MPs to increase their salary, something that can distort the country’s economy. She noted that the begging problem wasn’t only affecting MPs but other elected leaders like LC5 chairman and councillors. Nankabirwa, who has represented her Kiboga people since CA in 1994, said endless begging for cash bailouts is the reason many elected leaders shun their constituencies immediately after being elected.

Nankabirwa’s different Kodak moments during the Butebo ceremony

Butebo District Woman MP Agness Amede agreed with Nankabirwa and updated the gathering about the ongoing government projects in her district including extension of water, electricity and roads. LC5 chairman Sam Keddi applauded the NRM government for granting Butebo district which he said had created employment besides bringing services nearer to the people. Keddi also begged Nankabirwa to bring for them the President saying there is a lot Butebo people would like to discuss with him. Butebo RDC Fatuma Ndisaba decried defilement cases vowing to crush male teachers on regularly feast on their own students. She also reported to GCW that most of the pupils sit on floor and lack sanitary pads. Some of the dignitaries that attended the function included Eastern region PWDs MP Hellen Grace Asamo, Butebo County MP Fred Mudukoyi Oduchu, Jinja woman MP Joy Katali, Kibuki RDC Juliet Senkole and Butebo new CAO Robert Mulondo. For comments, call, text or whatsapp us on 0703164755.



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