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By Mulengera Reporters

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze (aka Maama NUP) has revealed the political secrets regarding how she came to closely work with Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu. Addressing a Saturday evening rally at Kamu market, Nambooze told chanting supporters what Kyagulanyi told her the first time they met to discuss and reflect upon the NUP project. “He told me Honorable Nambooze I have grown up not only admiring your politics but I actually fear you. You are one of the most feared people on radio debate,” said Nambooze in a message clearly aimed at showing voters that Kyagulanyi rightly saw more value in her than her archrival George Kagimu who initially portrayed himself as a leading Kyagulanyi ally and PP coordinator for Mukono.

Knowledgeable insiders say this was Kyagulanyi’s happiest day since joining active politics in 2017. That the political harvesting of Betty Nambooze was a dream come true for the PP/NUP Principal

During many of her rallies, Nambooze has had no kind words for ‘traitors’ like Kagimu and Jamil Kakembo who she mentored and supported to get elected into office only for the same people to stab her in the back. With her support, Kakembo became chairman Mukono Central Division and Kagimu the mayor.  She now says the two are unforgivable not only because they betrayed her by refusing to work for the people in the ways she expected but have also been ambiguous about the money meant for the annual children Christmas party for Mukono Municipality. She describes Kagimu as too inept and untruthful to deserve being MP.

Betty Nambooze has been using the ongoing campaign trail to make very eloquent speeches decisively demonizing Gen Museveni and his NRM. She has also rarely had any kind words for outgoing Municipality Mayor George Kagimu

“He has always been 74 years but recently amended his age to indicate 69 years to look closely as young as Betty Nambooze who is 50. He lied that he speaks fluent French but one time I travelled with him and he failed to speak any French which means he lied to us. He claimed he would light our streets because the French President is his personal friend. All this turned out to be untrue. I’m the one who brought him and it’s my duty to retire him back to his other business because politics isn’t his thing,” said Nambooze who also hit Kakembo below the belt. “He moves around campaigning among your wives. He asks for the vote, then drinking water and eventually the phone number pretending to be sending some airtime on it. He wants to sleep with people’s wives.” At every rally, Nambooze introduces her NUP Mayoral candidate Elisa Mukasa Nkoyoyo as the one to replace Mayor Kagimu and another gentleman to replace Kakembo.  It’s not hard to understand her anger against Kagimu and Kakembo. The duo had for months been riding on the Kyagulanyi wave to dig her political grave.

Nambooze celebrates with Kyagulanyi.

“They portrayed me as someone who is in People’s Government and an enemy of Kyagulanyi but I kept telling you I was working out something more helpful that would strengthen Kyagulanyi. We had to make sure inside the People’s Government that we prop up Kyagulanyi but without losing Dr. Besigye because he is one giant in whom the country has invested a lot over the years. We have built him as a strong brand now for 20 years and we had to find a way of having Kyagulanyi up without destroying Dr. Besigye because he still has a very big role to play to deliver the ultimate victory we have all been working for against Mr. Museveni,” Nambooze said before illustrating how he has always been a close ally of Kyagulanyi. “During the Togikwatako fracas in Parliament, I got intelligence two days before I was attacked by the military and my back broken. The LoP assigned three people to guard me against that attack and we originally thought it’s some fellow MPs from NRM who would be assigned to break my back. The LoP deployed Mathias Mpuuga, Moses Kasibante and Bobi Wine to shield me against that attack. This was in a meeting and you all saw the punches Bobi Wine threw at those invaders during that chaotic afternoon when the military came to the chambers.”

Nambooze with her closest political allies Semujju Nganda and Erias Lukwago.

Nambooze revealed that even when she was in PG, she was always closely in touch with Kyagulanyi who looked forward to the day she would officially join him in PP which later became NUP. “As we discussed how we were going to work together, our President [Kyagulanyi] said Hon Betty Nambooze we don’t want to antagonize you as Kamwokya headquarters. He said the candidates we shall front as official flag bearers for PP will come from the list you give us and that is how I ended up determining all the NUP flag bearers in Mukono. Where was Kagimu who claimed to be the PP chief in Mukono? Instead he stole my hoe [DP symbol] and it’s something you people should interrogate him about each time he comes to ask for the vote.”

Nambooze then assured those who might be hurting that she left DP. “We actually didn’t abandon DP. We only retreated to work with President Kyagulanyi to finish the job of chasing Museveni away and that is going to be easy because even COVID is soon chasing him back to Rwakitura because he fears it very much being an old man. Once we are done with that, we are going to rescue DP from Mao who is the NRM proxy in DP.” As the large crowd cheered and ululated, Nambooze said at some point after successfully concluding the 2021 elections, they are going to use the Kyagulanyi wave to sweep Mao away and recapture DP. She says the recaptured DP will be rebranded into a genuine opposition movement and merged with NUP to become one party whose colors will be red, white and green. She says this is something they have already discussed and agreed upon with Kyagulanyi and the relevant planning remain work in progress.

Nambooze says Mukono voters should value her because she is the Kadaga equivalent for Buganda region

She implored the Mukono electors to help her severely punish Mr. George Kagimu who she said has been mocking her as a cripple (omulema) who is fatally unfit for the MP office. “How does he make fan of the disability that was inflicted on me as I loyally did your assignment? I was fighting life presidency which you are all against and the price I paid was to lose my back and as a woman, that is the worst you can lose because your back means a lot in the marriage. I can’t sit properly and can’t sleep properly in the bed. The only thing I can do is stand up a bit just like you see. They first said I was doing comedy pretending to be broken and now they are saying she is crippled. My people just console me by making sure than man Kagimu gets zero votes,” said Nambooze who Kagimu is accused to have sidelined from service delivery processes of the Municipality after riding on her back in 2016 to become area Mayor. She directed one of her assistants to remind her to move with her hospital scans clearly showing the extent to which her back was fractured as a result of the Togikwatako torture the military occassined on her.

Nambooze says Mukono voters should severely punish George Kagimu for making fan of her hospital agony by dismissing her as to crippled to be fit for the MP office

Nambooze also said she had given Mukono Municipality countrywide publicity and high name-recognition, something voters must consolidate by sending her back to Parliament. “When you talk about Nambooze in Gulu or Mbarara anyone will ask you mean the MP Mukono? I’m currently one of the most famous and most celebrated female politicians for Uganda and not just Mukono. In Northern Uganda, they will refer to Cecilia Ogwal [her mentor and very good friend], Eastern Rebecca Kadaga, Western Winnie Byanyima and in Buganda if Saabasajja is asked to choose the biggest contemporary female politician from his kingdom it naturally will have to be Betty Nambooze. So, my people I’m not saying I will be MP for an eternity. No. Time will come and I cease to be MP but when that day comes please get someone better than myself and not an inept politician like Mr. Kagimu. You all know that in the last 50 years, our area Mukono has never produced a female politician who is more vibrant than Betty Nambooze. I’m the one who has put our district on the map for very good reasons.”

Nambooze on the day she officially joined NUP. She says she had closely been working with Kyagulanyi long before that day

Nambooze doesn’t seem to be bothered about any other candidate in the race (be they from NRM) but Kagimu with whom they both belonged to DP. Besides leveraging on her closer political relationship with Bobi Wine (many of whose enemies she has vigorously been silencing using the NBS media platform), Nambooze has also been using the bad state of roads and other infrastructure in the constituency to demonize outgoing Municipality Mayor George Kagimu.  (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at

Nambooze says her husband Bakireke has been very supportive through her political journey.




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