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 By Mulengera Reporters

The ruling NRM party National Treasurer Rose Namayanja Nsereko has advised Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu (aka Bobi Wine) to become realistic and forget about ever wearing the political crown of Uganda as many of his supporters think. In his Tuliyambala Engule song, which is like an anthem for the PP/NUP struggle, Kyagulanyi depicts a post-Museveni Uganda in which he will become the country’s 10th President and bring happens and easy life for everyone (depicted in the word Engule/Crown). It’s for this reason that the Musevenists, desiring to demystify the momentum and enthusiasm PP/NUP fans derive from the song, have always used every opportunity to demystify the Kyagulanyi message embedded in the same lyrics.

For Namayanja, the opportunity came today Friday at Kololo Airstrip where NRM Kampala flag bearers (400 of them) and their supporters converged to prepare for Gen Museveni’s Tuesday 2nd November nominations for reelection. They also reflected on how to deescalate intrigue and neutralize the damage NRM-leaning independent candidates (like Benjamin Kalumba in Margaret Zziwa’s Nakawa West and Brian K Tindyebwa in Beti Kamya’s Rubaga North) can potentially cause and thereby diminishing chances for party flag bearers to prevail against opposition candidates.

Namayanja urged the NRM flag bearers and campaigners not to be emotionally cowed by the PP/NUP social media and physical intolerance towards the supporters of Gen Museveni who she described as a marathoner as opposed to the Kyagulanyis who specialize on relay runs. “We hear them saying we are going to wear the crown. They are just deceiving themselves because the Ugandan [political] crown belongs to President YK Museveni. They can only think of the crown we all anticipate to wear after death in the life after here. That one is okay and it’s what we should all work towards regardless of party differences,” said Namayanja whose presence earlier speakers like NRM mobilization chief Mathias Kasamba said was indicative of the party’s readiness to generously finance the Museveni campaign committees based on each of the more than 68,700 villages we have in Uganda.

Namayanja, who has been part of the NRM reelection campaign before especially in Buganda region which Kyagulanyi considers his stronghold, told the gathering she had never felt confident of Gen Museveni’s election victory like she is in relation to 2021. “Ensolo teriko bubezi kukizigo naye abamu kufe twamaze dda nokugikwatako and it’s the message I have from the Secretary General who is unable to be with us today because she traveled with the President [in Northern Uganda].”

She implored NRM cadres to be united so that for the first time in many years, Gen Museveni doesn’t only win in Buganda but convincingly records a win in Kampala and Wakiso districts. She prayed that the same must happen even for lower level NRM candidates. She also mocked PP/NUP saying they claim to be democratic yet their flag bearers are merely handpicked as opposed to NRM where the office of flag bearership is competed for. She actually said by the time one becomes NRM flag bearer, it means that person is already popular enough because that can only be through a very transparent exercise.

Other speakers at the event included Margaret Zziwa who spoke on behalf of other NRM flag bearers and begged Gen Museveni to logistically empower the office of flag bearer in Kampala like never before so that cadres are adequately emboldened to face off with opponents from opposition. She suggested that NRM Kampala regional chairman Singh Katongole and Buganda region chairman Godfrey Kiwanda lobby Gen Museveni to ensure the party supports them with money to purchase facemask for their supporters, print adequate campaign posters, banners and money for media appearances since this is a scientific campaign. She was specific in her demand: they want to have urgent audience with Gen Museveni from whom they must directly obtain campaigning logistics as opposed to having the same being channeled through other campaigning networks which Gen Museveni famously relies on while sidelining formal party cadre structures.


“We can actually win Kampala as NRM once we overcome the bickering because we are numerically the majority,” said Zziwa adding that it’s a shame for Gen Museveni to reside in Nakasero State Lodge located in Standard Village Nakasero II parish in a Kampala City that is governed by opposition. “This is an anomaly we must all be ashamed of and work towards rectifying. It simply can’t happen; we are belonging to NRM which has been the ruling party of Uganda for all these years but we reside in a city where we are in opposition. This must end,” said Zziwa (the Nakawa West MP candidate) whose son Cedric Babu is the NRM flag bearer for Kampala Central which her husband Francis Babu (desirous to rejoin Parliament as older persons rep) represented for many years.

Faridah Nambi (candidate for Kampala Woman MP Office), who is the one who conceived the idea of bringing together the more than 400 NRM flag bearers in the city, assured NRM campaigners at every village that Shs12bn had been put aside and there is no way any of them is going to work and deliver victory at their respective villages without being financially rewarded. Indeed, at the meeting understandably the appetite for money was at conspicuous display because supporters openly shouted from the audience “we want money too.” Speaking moments later after Nambi, Director Mobilization Mathias Kasamba (calling it kamutaka) assured the chanting NRM supporters that their money-related grievances are going to be addressed in this campaign like never before. “Our national treasurer [Rose Namayanja], who is here with us to represent the Secretary General, isn’t resting. Something is being worked out and all of us are going to be happy at the end of the day,” Kasamba said. Several speakers were unanimous in thanking Godfrey Kiwanda for the energy and enthusiasm he has infused in the office of NRM chairman Buganda region. Majority were optimistic that NRM is going to decisively thump Kyagulanyi and his PP/NUP not only in Buganda but Kampala as well.

For Beti Kamya, the Kololo event was an opportunity to vent out her fury against Brian Tindyebwa, the losing NRM flag bearer candidate for Rubaga North who has insisted on vying as independent. Organizers had skipped her but Kamya got chance when the day’s MC Rogers Mulindwa called Singh Katongole to give his speech in his capacity as NRM chairman for Kampala special region. Singh called for discipline and condemned primary losers (like Tindyebwa) who have opted to vie as independents in order to spoil chances for the party to defeat the opposition. Renowned for having a borne to pick with Tindyebwa, whose whistle blowing caused Tanga to lock him out in 2016, Singh signaled Kamya to step forward to defend him against claims that she brined him with Shs500m for him to step down for her in Rubaga North primaries.


Saying she was a staunch born again lady who can’t bribe her opponents, Kamya denied ever giving Singh money. “He never asked me for any money and I didn’t give him anything. He only said we are tired of just being flag bearers. We want a win this time round and that can only come through you. The only request he made to me was that please go and defeat that man [Tindyebwa/she didn’t name him] for me because I’m angry over the way he caused me to be marginalized in 2016,” said Kamya who praised Singh for being such a very good man. “I’m here to report to you [Singh] that I did the job and defeated that man on your behalf and I’m ready to do the same even in the general elections,” Kamya said sending the crowd into applause.

The numbers at the Kololo event exceeded the 70 people who EC Chairman Simon Byabakama said was the maximum permissible for any political rally anywhere. Convener Faridah Nambi explained that they had obtained special permission from police and the Kololo airstrip management allowing them to have an exception to that Byabakama rule. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at






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