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By Mulengera Reporters

While at Kamwokya this Monday morning where he announced his defection from Mike Mabikke’s obscure SDP Party into the mighty NUP, Nakawa Mayor Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga said many things that excited his audience. And in our case, what stood out was his readiness to bow out of the Nakawa MP race as a way of showing his selflessness and political loyalty to NUP Supremo Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu.


Balimwezo flanked by Bobi Wine and Ssenyonyi after their Magere meeting

Balimwezo referred to the negotiation meetings they held with Bobi Wine and fellow contender Joel Senyonyi at Magere over the weekend and said there was light at the end of the tunnel. He implied that Bobi Wine has already done his part trying to build consensus between them and that what remains will be an outcome of the one-on-one talks he will be continuing to have with Senyonyi.


“I can assure you I’m going to be very loyal to my leader Bobi Wine though I can sometimes be very assertive when fighting dictatorship. Even that Nakawa issue, please don’t worry. Just leave it between me and my brother Senyonyi because I have no problem bowing out for him depending on the outcome of the one-on-one negotiations we are soon concluding between me and him [Joel],” the flamboyant Nakawa Mayor said as he signaled Senyonyi to come and stand next to him to show brotherhood which he said is what must be exhibited among NUP family members.

Harriet Sebuwufu, who Mayor Balimwezo feared most for Mayorship position, has since relocated to Masaka after abandoning her FDC party for Kyagulanyi’s NUP

Mulengera News understands that once he secures Kyagulanyi’s total backing, Balimwezo could set a standard for the rest of the meal card politicians (as Mao once called them) by accepting to seek reelection as Nakawa Mayor while leaving Joel Senyonyi to battle with whoever will be fielded by NRM and other political parties. But insiders in the Kyagulanyi circles also say there is a huge possibility of Senyonyi being persuaded to abandon the MP seat and instead start out as Nakawa Mayor in which case he will have to face off with FDC’s Daniel Muwonge and NRM’s Bruhan Byaruhanga. As for Balimwezo, seeking reelection would be less frightening because FDC’s Harriet Sebuwufu (who he feared very much as she almost floored him in 2016) has since relocated to Masaka to vie for one of the two newly created Woman MP positions under Masaka City.

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