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By Isaac Wandubire

Nakawa Mayor Ronald Balimwezo, a diehard supporter of People Power, says he feels betrayed to see a big man like Joel Senyonyi coming to fight for political positions with Bobi Wine supporters like him. In a phone call with Mulengera News, Balimwezo told this reporter that they expect big men like Senyonyi to postpone personal ambition and move with Bobi Wine on the campaign trail nationally as there will be many things to explain to the voters.

Balimwezo, who announced desire for the same Nakawa MP Seat months ago, says he was shocked with the way Senyonyi declared his bid without first consulting key People Power Nakawa leaders like him. “We were with him in the same car to Lira the other day and he never said anything but then we just heard he is coming. This isn’t fair because fighting for positions is going to destroy People Power. We thought people like him are above these positions,” Balimwezo said.

He added he was among the first people to embrace Bobi Wine even before Senyonyi thought of quitting his NTV job. That it were the four Mayors of Kampala (himself, Mulyanyama, Emmanuel Serunjogi and Charles Musoke Serunjogi of Central) who identified Bobi’s potential but he is now shocked his historical contribution is being disrespected by people like Senyonyi.

Balimwezo vowed to defeat Senyonyi and said he can’t step down for him because his roots are deep in Nakawa and voters are ready to kill him with votes. Saying he was ready to drown Senyonyi into the sea of his supporters come 2021, Balimwezo described Senyonyi as an opportunist with no roots or political history in Nakawa. “I hear he just opportunistically registered recently in Kigowa but has no political history in Nakawa beyond that,” Balimwezo said.

He added that since People Power means the people deciding, he was ready to politically humiliate Senyonyi on voting day. He vowed not to leave People Power however much he will be marginalized.

He added that he plans to contact Bobi Wine and officially protest the Senyonyi betrayal. Balimwezo said this wouldn’t be the first time colleagues in the opposition struggle would have betrayed him because “in past elections I supported Dr Besigye very much but they always brought candidates against me and I would defeat them because of the power of the people which I’m going to use this time round to defeat all of them.”

He advised Senyonyi to consider running in other constituencies of Uganda which are still under the NRM including his own native Nakasongola. Balimwezo said he is a proper engineer who is in this not to look for a job but because people like him to be their MP. He said since People Power isn’t a party he doesn’t expect anybody to tell him to bow out for Senyonyi or any one else since People Power means voters having the last word.

The SDP big man vowed to serve the people of Nakawa in ways that will make People Power even more popular. He said he wasn’t afraid of NRM’s Fred Ruhindi taking advantage of a divided opposition to bounce back as Nakawa MP. “I will defeat all of them however divided we might seem because the voters have assured me this is my time to serve as MP,” said Balimwezo adding that the Senyonyi betrayal had made many People Power supporters in Nakawa to become demoralized.

He denied claims that incumbent Micheal Kabaziguruka’s lukewarm performance is because of the witchcraft practices by some NRM leaders. “I think the problem is that he micromanaged things alot because if I’m MP why should I be the one to drive the ambulance or even the official car to town and back? I can’t see witchcraft in what happened to him because I too have been targeted not just with witchcraft but things like poisoning and even gun shots because the NRM fears me more but I’m here and still going strong and my MP win in 2021 is unstoppable,” Balimwezo concluded.




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