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By Mulengera Reporters 

High Court Land Division’s Flavia Nabakooza, during the Wednesday court session, made Isaac Sempala’s lawyers and siblings happy when she directed that Kampala Woman MP Nabillah Nagayi’s husband continues having exclusive occupation of the disputed Buziga-Katuso residence until the entire dispute is resolved.

She also referred the rest of the matter and proceedings to Commercial Division of the High Court implying the land Division will now have nothing to do with the much-publicized dispute involving two special friends Prof Venescias Baryamureeba and Nabillah Nagayi on one hand and the outgoing legislator’s estranged husband (and father of her four children) Isaac Sempala on the other.

The Wednesday court outcome simply means that Sempala, whose cause many social media users have since backed while demanding that Baryamureeba shares his bank details and tax records to prove that he has ever had capacity to possess Shs850m he claims to have lent to the Sempalas, will finally have some restful sleep because the Commercial Division where the matter has now wholly been referred could take as long as two or three years to have conclusive resolution of the dispute.

The same also means that the troubled Nabillah Nagayi (who on Wednesday afternoon wasn’t in court though her special friend Baryamureeba was) can continue chilling in Nansana where she currently lives. Coincidentally, it’s in the same Nansana neighborhood where Baryamureeba has the only modest residential property (on Kabaka’s land) he is known to own in Kampala. It’s his young sister that passionately hates Nabillah, who lives there in that very modest property.


In her case, Nabillah these lives days at the home of a rich man called Kimuli of the Ffumbe clan in the same Nansana neighborhood. Kimuli’s wife has always been an active admirer of Nabillah’s brand of politics. But she is linked or connected to this Kimuli family in more profound ways. Being Ffumbe clan members, the Kimulis, who operate a very successful hardware business at Good Shed near Clock Tower, are closely connected to the Sebaggala family of Kisaasi from which Sempala hails. The Kimulis are still hopeful that some reconciliation can be hammered out for Nabillah and Sempala to become husband and wife again at least for the sake of their children.

Basing in Kimuli’s palatial home in Nansana, Nabillah often moves out to a nearby hotel from where she conducts many of her official meetings including those relating to people with whom she still has pending financial obligations relating to the just ended Lord Mayoral campaigns. That is how an impression had originally been created that she might be staying in a hotel.

The truth is those wanting to meet her for official business ring and she directs them to meet at that same Nansana hotel. In her own affidavit evidence in court, Nabillah implies she hasn’t closely lived (or slept) with Isaac Sempala for the last 13 years implying she is fearful to live in the Buziga-Katuso house with him again. She accuses him of violent conduct and generally being belligerent towards her referencing on one of the tenants he recently thumped having mistaken him for Prof Baryamureeba.


But how did they meet before subsequently agreeing to become husband and wife? Mulengera News understands that in the 1990s, Nagayi was a leading beauty who turned heads wherever she passed in Kampala. As a campuser, her boyfriend at some point was the loaded V Rogers who owns Buddu House along Bombo Road opposite YMCA Wandegeya. At Makerere, Nagayi read BCOM and had a friend called Ismail Kipala. This Kipala (nick named so after being arrested for prohibited trade in Japan) was a go-getter who used to befriend beautiful campus girls who he would connect or link up to loaded dudes in Kampala at a fee. It was him who initially linked Nagayi to V Rogers, a renowned young city tycoon from Masaka. V Rogers was a mature student in the BCOM class and had plenty of cash because he was a working student ever going to Dubai to bring stuff to replenish his family’ businesses in Kikuubo.

Ismail Kipala had equally known Sempala from the New Taxi Park where he used to operate a shop dealing in 2nd hand fridges. A company called Hajji Tasubwa Refrigeration Services used to repair and fix those old fridges for Mr. Sempala before resale. Many city deal-makers used to frequently visit Sempala’s shop which was equally frequented by his brothers like Faruk Ntege who was struggling to make ends meet too. As a struggling campuser, Nagayi used to cruise in a very old Toyota Corona only one of whose doors was operational. The others couldn’t be opened. Neither could the boot. It was that old but good enough to make an ordinarily struggling campus girl have some status over and above her peers. One time Kipala came to the Sempala shop with her and that is when Isaac spotted her.

Kipala offered to be the go-between and that is how the two began talking. But at the same time V Rogers was in the background and on hearing the guy wanting to grab his babe was from the famous Sebaggala family of Kisaasi, V Rogers offered to up his game and bought a better car for Nagayi. This put the campuser into serious dilemma but the few friends she consulted advised that since her dad Dr. Twaha Kabuye had been uncomfortable with his daughter dating only non-Muslim men, Sempala was a better prospect especially that he wasn’t only a practicing Muslim but was also from a powerful family.

But Nagayi had reservations especially the fact that the Sempala guy looked broke compared to V Rogers who was already proposing marriage. Kipala advised Sempala, his fellow Muslim, to act decisively by offering something significant since the young campuser was clearly fascinated by material things. Gratefully, much as Sempala’s fridges business was struggling, his father Shaban Sebaggala, with whom he used to work as a young boy in the Nakasero market, had previously bequeathed to him a plot of land in Naguru. Good enough it had even been titled already in Isaac Sempala’s names. V Rogers was determined and there was no time for Sempala if he was to snatch Nagayi. At the instigation of Kipala, Sempala took Nagayi out for dinner and while there he unexpectedly offered to donate his Naguru land to her only if she accepted to forget about V Rogers and become his only.

Having weighed between V Roger’s 2nd hand car and the prime land in Naguru Isaac was offering, Nagayi opted for the land title and the rest is history. She became Sempala’s fiancé and his brothers (one of whom actually wanted her for himself) were initially very supportive of their younger brother’s determination to win for himself such a very gorgeous campus babe. V Rogers insisted it had to be him and only relented after being told that Nagayi’s parents had preferred Sempala, a Muslim, since for him (Rogers) wasn’t professing Allah.

As the Sempala official fiancé, Nagayi continued frequenting the fridges shop-sometimes spending the whole day there in the counter as if it was her place of work. It was while volunteering at the Sempala shop that the idea to stand for Makindye Ssabagabo female councillorship first came about.

The Sebaggala brothers, including Med Sebaggala who subsequently offered his Najjanankumbi house to Isaac and Nabillah, were equally very enthusiastic about the Ssabagabo politics. As fiancées, Nabillah and Sempala first lived in a rented room in Old Kampala which they later abandoned for a more spacious one in Nakulabye Kiwunya zone.  It was after Nakulabye that Med Sebaggala offered them his Najjanankumbi house which was also used as the base for the Ssabagabo campaigns.

Even as she served as councilor, the Sempalas lived in this Najjanankumbi house since Med Sebaggala wasn’t in a hurry to get them out. He already had other better residential properties in Buziga, Bunga, Muyenga and Kololo. It was from Ssabagabo that Nagayi linked up with others to found SDP which at some point became Mike Mabikke’s who was looking for political shelter after acrimonious abandoning DP whose President Sebaana Kizito had fallen out with him. It was from SDP that Nagayi, whose father first fled from Itendero in Bushenyi for safer Kampala during the 1979 war, defected into FDC on whose momentum she rode to become Kampala Woman MP in 2006. The rest of her political story, we all know. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at

This Buddu House would potentially now be Nabillah Nagayi’s had she resisted Isaac Sempala and stuck to V Rogers.



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