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By Isaac Wandubile 

Mulengera News has become privy to the  circumstances under which the outgoing Kampala Woman MP Nabillah Nagayi first considered relocating her children to Alberta Canada. They had been studying at Buziga-based Kabojja School (near Lwasa’s place) where they became very good friends with city teenage socialite Sheila Gashumba who their mother protested as bad company.

Sheila Gashumba had become such a tight buddy of Randi Sempala, who is Nabila’s first born, to the extent that Sheila would sometimes come over and spend the weekend at the Sempala’s Buziga home. Her own father Frank Gashumba’s residence is at Bunga which isn’t very far from Buziga Katuso where the Sempala’s have their posh residence.

Sheila, who was beginning to become a TV personality, would even take Randi to town showing her the best places where to work on her hair and pedicure from. She also linked her to professional hair and nails stylists at Mabirizi Complex. This closeness discomforted Nabillah Nagayi who had previously been a close friend and business partner of Sheila’s father Frank Gashumba. In the end, Nabillah confronted Sheila Gashumba, then a much younger celebrity than she is today, decreeing that “stop frequenting my home because I see you are going to spoil my children with your celebrity lifestyle.”

To ensure the Sheila Gashumba-Randi teenage bond was effectively broken, Nabillah went as far as transferring her girls (Randi and Raya) from Kabojja to the Taibah School along Entebbe Road (this was later used to indicate to the Canadian government the kids weren’t safe in Uganda and therefore merited the grant of asylum status).

The excommunication of his daughter from Nabillah’s children and home didn’t go down well with Frank Gashumba who reacted by diminishing him friendship to the once very popular Kampala Woman MP. Mulengera News now understands that broadly speaking, Nabillah has always been very protective of her four children (including Randi Sempala, Raya Sempala, Ridiwan Sempala and Raffah Sempala-first two are girls and youngest two are boys with Raffah being 13).

It’s the reason she fought hard to get them Canadian citizenship which she had to endure teargas and brutal harassment by police inside Owino market to qualify for. She provocatively sneaked into Owino market at a time the Kayihura police was on heightened alert following Besigye’s riots and, as expected, she was brutally arrested and in the process got undressed by male cops.

The subsequent news video by NTV Uganda went viral and it’s what Nabillah used to illustrate to the Canadian authorities that she was being persecuted and Uganda wasn’t safe anymore for her immediate family. That is how her husband Isaac Sempala, who equally presented himself as a much targeted FDC activist, qualified for the grant of asylum status by the Canadian authorities. The children subsequently got their own grant and thereby becoming Canadian citizens too.

Once in Canada, where they first stayed with Nabillah’s family friend Zoe who used to work with Aga Sekalala’s Ugachic, the children first enrolled at a Catholic school as their citizenship status was being worked on. Though life for the children was initially not easy but complicated, their very protective mother Nabillah was very happy because being away ensured that their paternal auntie Nalumansi (the only female sibling of the Sebaggalas) would finally back off her demands to have the 4 children stay with her in the Buziga neighborhood where she is married in the famous Gava family.

Even at Kisaasi, where the members of the extended Ffumbe/Sebaggala family used to gather for family feasts, Nabillah was never comfortable having her children freely mingle. She would always ask them on return (having gone with their dad): “How was Kisaasi? Did they treat you well? Who talked to you and what were they asking to know about mummy?” She also always advises her children to be open and free with her on all matters including fellow youngsters who want to become their boyfriends.

Because she wants them to be materially successful, Nabillah also encourages her daughters to use their free time in Canada to undertake some kyeyo jobs in order to supplement their incomes besides excelling at school. This extreme possessiveness of the children partly explains why her elderly mother-in-law at Kisaasi considers Syda Bbumba and Mariam Namayanja (Med Sebaggala’s wife) to be more acceptable daughters-in-law. The elderly lady, a mother of twins, also resents Nabillah’s dress code which she says rarely complies with Islamic teachings. It’s also true that the female politician from Bushenyi-Itendero has so much love for her daughters that, some years ago, when she purchased a school called Blue Deals in Makindye Barracks zone from ex-DP Vice President Rainer Kafire, she considered naming it after one of them. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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