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 By Isaac Wandubile

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has finally come under formal employment at Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia’s Victoria University where he will be one of the eminent members of the Governing Council. The man from Kanyandahi, who has always come off as a praise singer for the tycoon, will be part of a team of 14 members to supervise the running of one of Uganda’s most prestigious private universities.

The Council, which was inaugurated today Tuesday by court registrar Agnes Nkonge, is chaired by Joram Kahembo who is deputized by Joseph Biribonwa, a long time close ally of Sudhir Ruparelia. Biribonwa is high profile because he currently chairs the governing board for NIRA and was previously the Vice Chairman for Electoral Commission under Eng Badru Kiggundu.

The other members include Dr. Chirag Kotecha, James Kalebo, Dr. Mary Kanyiginya, Sameer Thakar, Rajiv Ruparelia, Dr. Consolata Kabonesa, lawyer Rashid Semambo, Dr. Lawence Muganga, guild President Mark Serebe, John Bosco Waliraki and Mrs. Gorette Katushabe Semwezi who is also Council Secretary.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Victoria University Chancellor Prof Sydney Opuda Asubo expressed optimism that the new Council would do a good job because it’s compromised of very eminent men and women who should be able to excel playing their oversight role over management which is headed by the Vice Chancellor.

Some of the council members who spoke during the inauguration thanked Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia for the confidence he has exhibited in them and vowed to do a very good job.

Victoria University’s  new Council members and their areas of specialization

1.Mr Joram Kahenano As Chairperson Specialized in Leadership

2.Mr Joseph Biribonwa  Vice ChairPerson Specialized for Governance

3.Dr .Chirag Kotecha Member specialized in Health

4.Mr Andrew Mwenda Member Specialized in Public and Journalism

5.Mr James Kalebo  member and Specialist IN education

6.Dr. Mary Kanyiginya Member Specialized in Human Resources

7.Mr Sameer Thakar Member Specialized in FINANCE

8.Dr.Kabonesa Consolate Member Specialized in Gender/ Senate

9.Semambo Rashid  a Member Specialized in Legal

10.DR.Lawrence Muganga a member Specialized in Education

11.H.E.Mark Serebe  Member  as Guild President Victoria University

12.Walakira John Bosyco as member Specialized as Victoria University staff representative

13.Katusabe Semwezi as Member.

They were sworn in by Her Worship Agnes Nkonge.

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