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By Isaac Wandubile 

Col Nuwe Mushega, who let FDC party cursing Col Kizza Besigye for being too hard and uncompromising in his opposition to Gen Museveni, on Monday drove to State House Entebbe where he cheerfully accepted the new government job and thanked the graceful Minister Janet Museveni for considering him for re-deployment. On becoming lukewarm towards FDC activities (a party he co-founded accusing Museveni of life presidency), Mushega, who also never forgave Besigye for shunning JPAM during the TDA processes, became an active sympathizer of Gen Mugisha Muntu of ANT as he went about forming his own political formation.

Mushega will be earning very good cash as the Chairman of the Education Policy Review Commission for the next 12 months. The new GoU assignment will keep Mushega, currently not known to be under any formal employment, gainfully employed up to May 2022.

The Commission will review the education policy for the country resulting into a white paper that will guide the reforms in the education sector which Janet Museveni says urgently needs to re-align its approaches to take care of the 5 UNESCO pillars which include ensuring that kids learn in a way that enables them transform their respective societies as opposed to merely passing exams.

The last time such a review was undertaken was in 1989 at a time grand programs like UPE and USE hadn’t yet been introduced and these, Janet says, have come with new dynamics that must be taken care of in the enactment of new policy and reforms.  The review process, which has generous financial support of the donors mostly from the EU, will have to cover plenty of work given the fact that such review hasn’t been undertaken since 1992 yet the best practice is to have the same once every after 5 years.

Education Ministry PS Alex Kakooza says the Mushegas will have a lot of work because 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017 were skipped. In the old white paper (of Prof Senteza Kajubi), over 220 reforms were recommended but only 100 have been implemented thus far.

While launching the team, which begins work immediately, Janet exhibited optimism that Mushega, renowned for his pragmatic approach in the early Museveni years when he served as Minister of Education, will do an excellent job and deliver by May 2022 because time will of essence throughout the assignment period.

Besides Mushega, the other members include Vice Chairman Dr. Joseph Muvawala (NPA ED), Makerere CoVAB Principal Prof David Kabasa, ex-Minister John Mwono Nasasira, Monica Abenakyo, Dr. Jackie Arinaitwe Makaaru, Dr. Prosperous Nankindu (a Minister in Kabaka’s government) and Monica Abenakyo Monge. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at




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