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By Mulengera Reporters

The outgoing IGG Irene Mulyagonja Kakooza has used the ongoing staff restructuring exercise at the Inspectorate of Government (IG) to extend the contract of Ms Annet Twine Kyakunda, an elder sister to Defiance Queen Ingrid Turinawe, for another four years. The two sisters hail from the South Western Ugandan district of Kanungu district. The contract renewal means Twine will remain Director Leadership Code for another 4 years up to 2024. It’s arguably one of the most sensitive positions at the Inspectorate because as Head Leadership Code, Twine keeps custody of all the wealth, assets and liability declarations by all leaders in the country including President Museveni and other holders of public office (both political and nonpolitical).


This is how information on the IG website elaborates on Twine’s role: “[She] is responsible for ensuring that the principles and values of integrity, transparency and accountability among leaders in public institutions as specified in the Leadership Code Act are adhered to. This is done by ensuring that the leaders declare their income, assets and liabilities. The Directorate also investigates leaders who engage in conduct prohibited by the Leadership Code of Conduct in addition to verification of leaders’ declarations.”

A requirement under the Leadership Code Act, the wealth declaration (these days done online) is done annually by all leaders and there are sanctions for those who default especially now that the Leadership Code Tribunal is finally in place. All the records are securely kept by Twine and the declarations have been compiled and kept for the last more than 15 years without anything ever leaking to the public. Yet Twine isn’t the only Director whose contract Mulyagonja, who will cease to be IGG on Sunday 5th July 2020, has renewed and extended for another four years. Sarah Birungi, who became Director Legal Directorate after then Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka snatched her former boss Sydney Asubo to become pioneer ED for Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), too has been permitted another four years.

The legal directorate is powerful too because it “is responsible for ensuring that the Inspectorate of Government executes its functions and exercises its powers in accordance with the law by rendering legal advice.” The Directorate is also charged with “addressing issues of maladministration in public offices through handling of complaints involving administrative injustice.” Birungi is “also responsible for enhancing transparency and accountability in public offices through prosecution of suspects of corruption and abuse of office.” Ultimately this Directorate advises top management on who gets prosecuted or not.

Annet Twine (L) and Sarah Birungi are some of the Directors whose retention Irene Mulyagonja has ensured ahead of her exit slated for Sunday 5th July

The controversial staff restructuring meetings began weeks ago and continue to take place the whole of this week at Mestil Hotel Nsambya. Observers say these renewals could inadvertently strengthen the outgoing Irene Mulyagonja by enabling her to remain influential at the Inspectorate after ceasing to be IGG since people she mentored and entrenched will still be calling shots as Directors through whom her eventual successor will have to implement work. Also of critical importance is the fact that Joram Magezi, another Mulyagonja blue eyed boy, has been retained to serve for another four years as Director Special Investigations. This is the docket that investigates and has the last word on all whistle blower claims with subject matter that is worth Shs5bn and more. This also is the Directorate that studies a complaint and preliminarily determine whether the whistle blower petition has merit and therefore deserves being pursued or not.

Stephen Kasirye, another key Mulyagonja ally, has been endorsed for another four years to serve as Director for Internal Investigations. And lastly but not least is Mr. Polly Muhairwe who has been retained for another 4 years to serve as Director Anti-Corruption and it’s under him that the very lucrative docket of regional offices (ostensibly meant to decongest the headquarters while taking services nearer to the people) falls. There are 16 regional offices in total and as Director, Polly Muhairwe supervises staff performance of investigations upcountry and report-writing among other assignments. Naturally, he also controls logistics thereof. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 




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