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By Isaac Wandubile

MultiChoice Uganda has donated a total of 10 decoders with a full year’s subscription to orphanages in Busoga sub-region as Baba TV officially got added onto GOtv’s offering of television channels.

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Baba TV was officially launched onto the GOtv platform on Channel 393 on Friday at an event held at Barx Motel in Jinja City.

Baba Media Group CEO Moses Balyeku expressed joy that GOtv had added another local channel to its list of channels. “We believe that GOtv viewers will be happy to see the inclusion of another local content channel, and it gives us, as Basoga, great pride in knowing that we have reached the caliber of content that is MultiChoice-worthy,” said Balyeku. “It’s worth stating that we [Baba TV) are now on all platforms in the country, not only in selective regions but countywide.”

For his part, MultiChoice Uganda Managing Director Hassan Saleh applauded Baba TV for improving on the quality of its content. “As we continue to look out for local content that is of great quality, it is always refreshing to land on channels like BABA TV through which, we can give viewers what they have interest in.”

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At the event, 10 decoders were also given out to orphanages to help children keep with learning on channels such as via Pearl Magic, which offers lessons for all classes in its Learning Time segment.

“We are recovering from Covid19 and we know the work that these orphanages do is true and its work that needs to be done, So, we thought that as GoTV, we would like to give to Busoga region in the best way we feel we possibly can by giving them TV subscriptions which have entertainment, education, they have cartoons,” explained Joan Ssemanda, the Multichoice Public Relations Manager. “What we are looking forward to is making the lives of these children in these orphanages simpler in whichever way we possibly can.”

For his part, Kampala Minister Kabuye Kyofatogabye, who represented Presidency Minister Milly Babalanda, congratulated Baba TV on the milestone it has reached in the less than five years it has been in operation, adding that the station had a great relationship with government in as far as promotion of government programs is concerned.

Minister Kabuye further emphasized the need for Ugandans to get vaccinated so that the economy can be fully reopened. He also asked them to keep peace, urging young people not to be hoodwinked into engaging in commission of crimes such as terrorism. “Don’t be tempted into things you don’t know,” he warned. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us





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