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By Mulengera Reporters 

Writing on behalf of her boss Beti Kamya, the Deputy IGG Dr. Patricia Achan Patricia has portrayed Mulago National Referral Hospital Senior Accountant Charles Mwasa as a civil servant who is so rich to the extent that he doesn’t even know some of the buildings, land and other forms of assets that he owns.

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On Wednesday 1st June 2022, Dr. Achan wrote to the Chairperson of the Leadership Code Tribunal Dr. Roselyn Karugonjo revealing to her the outcomes of the investigations and inquiry the Inspectorate of Government (IG) has been conducting to verify the authenticity of the income, assets and liability declarations Mwasa has been filing since 2011.

The IGG investigators, who considered Mwasa a very elusive and difficult civil servant to investigate and unmask, decided to conduct a comparative inquiry covering his declarations for the period 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021.

It’s a requirement for all leaders holding public office in Uganda to declare their assets and liabilities once every 2 years and Mwasa has been very responsive except the IGG kept getting whistle blower reports that the man was owning much more property than was being indicated or disclosed in his statutory declarations.

Achan reveals that Mwasa repeatedly breached the Leadership Code Act (2002) when he would knowingly file with the IG information that would either be insufficient, misleading and false or misrepresentative. This breaches Section 4(10) which prohibits failure to declare certain property and Section 6 of the same Act which prohibits giving insufficient or misleading information relating to property or assets in which the public official or leader has interest.

Specifically, Dr. Achan makes reference to land in Kiwatule and Banda-Kyambogo both in Nakawa Division which belong to him but Mwasa criminally never declared or disclosed enough about them in his declarations to the IG.

That when they interrogated him about these omissions, the stinking rich man from Bugisu begged to be forgiven because the exclusion of such properties resulted from an honest mistake on his part whereby he just forgot to include them.

He simply owns so much to be able to promptly remember everything when filing his IG declaration forms. Gratefully, the story of his vast riches is public and well known the same having been previously documented and publicized by Mulengera News as can be seen in this story link:

One of the hidden or undisclosed properties that gave Charles Mwasa away is a rental apartment located in Banda near Kyambogo University. It’s particularized as Kyadondo Block 220 Plot 1552 Banda. It was never included and its one of those that the IG detectives interrogated Mwasa about during their investigations.

Mwasa, who was also Chief Accountant at the Finance Ministry before joining Mulago, wore a bold face and told the investigators that he had sold it off in 2015 to a one Ambrose Agaba implying that its no longer his and there is no way he would have included it.

Agaba became the registered owner on 5th August 2016. But a number of things intrigued the IG investigators about Mwasa‘s claim. Firstly, Ambrose Agaba who is supposed to have bought it from him in 2015 at Shs400m, was a young man who had just left University as of 2015 when he is supposed to have made the purchase. He hadn’t even yet become employed, according to the IGG findings.

Agaba officially claims to be a cattle keeper the same being the source from which he raised the Shs400m but the IGG investigators couldn’t find any evidence that he ever owned or sold cattle in the quantities that can lead to the realization of Shs400m as of 2015.

When they interrogated him separately, Mwasa explained that Agaba paid Shs350m in cash and the Shs50m balance in kind by giving him building materials which were valued and the chapter closed. In a separate interview, Agaba disclosed something different. His version was that the Shs400m was paid in two installments of Shs220m and Shs180m over a period of 2 years.

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Something more intriguing gave away Charles Mwasa even more when it came to the circumstances under which Ambrose Agaba claims to have ceased to be the owner of the Banda property. That he subsequently sold it off to a one Jonathan Wabwire whose phone number the IGG investigators obtained. And when they tried to call on it, John Wagogo, who turned out to be Mwasa‘s brother, picked and introduced himself as the Manager for the Banda Apartments.

On verifying more, the IGG investigators were shocked to establish that Wagogo is another civil servant working at Parliament and had previously used internet access, sourced or connected via the same MTN line to electronically file his own declarations with the IG for last year 2021. Their conclusion then became that this is a property in which the very elusive Charles Mwasa still has interest which he is mandated to have disclosed under the Leadership Code Act.

The other problem property is Block 220 plots 1896 and 1902 in Kiwatule which he bought from Mzee Jaberi Bidandi Ssali in 2010 at Shs30m. This too was never disclosed and when the IG detectives overwhelmed Mwasa with their evidence, he cracked and owned up saying he had just forgotten to include it. The IG detectives accessed the titles register at the Lands Ministry and established that this land, measuring roughly 3 acres, remains undeveloped.

There is also another large piece of land particularized as Block 182 plots 1006, 1036 and 1037 which has turned out problematic for Mwasa who never disclosed it yet the IGG has established its his too. Co-owning it with his spouse, Charles Mwasa is registered to own up to 25% of the same. He pleaded with the IGG men for pardon on grounds that he didn’t know that even partially owned property and assets are liable to being disclosed and declared.

The IGG officers were later to become even more intrigued on establishing that someone called Alex Mukuluma, a cousin to Mwasa, was in the process to put a caveat on the same land to frustrate their inquiry into its proprietorship; on grounds that he bought it from the Mwasas.

Insisting that the civil servant was deliberately and knowingly being untruthful in his declarations, the IGG has forwarded the file to the Leadership Code Tribunal demanding severe sanctioning against Charles Mwasa who now risks demotion, caution or even outright dismissal from service because all these are sanctionable offenses or breaches under Section 35(1) (a) (i)(ii) and C(i) of the Leadership Code Act. (For comments on this story, get back to us on 0705579994 [whatsapp line], 0779411734 & 0200900416 or email us at




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