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By Isaac Wandubile

Busujju County MP David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga has always had some opposition colleagues doubt his credentials and commitment to the anti-Museveni cause. And such accusations heightened at a time current Mityana Municipality Mayor Mukambwe Lukonge was battling to oust Kalwanga as the opposition king for Busujju County in Mityana district. In the end, Mukambwe, who was DP before defecting to NUP, backed off Busujju and went for Municipality; amplifying pompous Kalwanga’s chances to secure reelection.

So, when Kalwanga on Monday evening appeared for CBS radio’s Kiriza oba Gana program, the NRM MP Mohammed Kibeddi Nsegumire, who was hosted with him along with FDC’s Moses Kabusu (Kyamuswa), knew where it hurts most. The topic was NUP’s decision to stay away from IPOD and it was Nsegumire’s argument that the Kamwokya-based party, to which Kalwanga belongs, was exhibiting double standards.

Nsegumire asserted that it was an act of dishonesty of the highest degree for the leading opposition party to boycott IPOD, while claiming they can’t squeeze anything from the NRM through such a platform, yet they remain engaged with Parliament where they equally can’t win anything against the NRM because of its numerical strength.

The NRM legislator, who thumped NUP’s Gordon Sematiko to become Mityana North MP in January 2021, went on to wonder why NUP big men like Mathias Mpuuga (current LoP) don’t equally stay away from the perks that come with the LoP office to show Ugandans that they are indeed capable of keeping away from every platform that doesn’t enable them to immediately overcome Gen Museveni.

“I want to tell you Bwana Med [Nsereko, the moderator] that these guys are enjoying themselves and they are now complacent about the struggle. Did you know that when it comes to being facilitated by the state, there is no difference between Mathias Mpuuga, the LoP now, and the Prime Minister Robinah Nabanja? In fact, when Mpuuga’s convoy passes you can easily mistake him to be the Prime Minister. It’s not easy to tell the difference because the two convoys are powerful with escort cars and bodyguards. You just try to go to Mpuuga’s office as LoP and see the thorough body checks his bodyguards, assigned by the government, are going to subject you to?” Nsegumire said.

He added: “He is not the Mpuuga you knew anymore because he is protected like a national asset and that is possible because the state has decided to treat him with respect because he is a big man now and part of the political structure of this country. He cruises in posh cars just like the Prime Minister and my demand is that if they are serious about boycotting things, let NUP direct him to stay away from that luxury too.”

As Nsegumire made his submission, Kalwanga kept interjecting while asking “did you expect the LoP to move on Boda-Boda or bicycle?” This prompted Nsegumire, who was talking tough, to reveal what he called one of Kalwanga’s well kept secrets. “This man you see here is equally well off and living in luxury because of the goodness of this government. Med if you think that this Kalwanga is an ordinary man anymore, just follow him after this program and see if he doesn’t have armed bodyguards who even open the door for him as he enters his car,” Nsegumire ranted.

Moderator Med Nsereko inquired about the capacity in which Kalwanga was travelling under such protection which fellow opposition MPs don’t have and the response was “it’s allowed and it actually doesn’t violate any laws of this country.” As Nsegumire threatened to reveal more secrets about what he called double-faced politicians in the opposition, Kalwanga relentlessly heckled effectively constraining his accuser from audibly saying more.

Renowned for his belligerent approach when taking on adversaries from the opposition camp, Nsegumire (who replaced ex-Minister Godfrey Kiwanda) also made reference to the Robert Kyagulanyi trip in South Africa which he said was about nothing but display of extreme opulence. “Their boss Bobi Wine is right now in South Africa enjoying a luxurious stay. Tell me how whatever he is doing there is about the struggle to remove President Museveni. We know one of the things he travelled for was the birthday of his wife and he has continued to remain there to have a luxurious holiday as the ordinary NUP supporters continue to be asked to wait for the day when they will wear the [political] crown,” Nsegumire said as Kalwanga and Kabusu vigorously protested dismissing his talk as deceptive and diversionary. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at





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