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By Mulengera Reporters

During her TV appearance last night, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze fondly spoke of the supportive and helpful response she received from Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng and her Permanent Secretary Diana Atwine Kanzira when she informally reached out to them seeking help.

Nambooze, who was referring to the shameful and demunizing act by Kampala Hospital detaining the body of Dr. Ismail Kizito, said she rang the two powerful MoH officials seeking their intervention to prevail over the hospital to release the body. That they both promptly responded and impacted on the situation though the hospital management remained adamant insisting their balance of Shs90m had to be paid first before the corpse could be released.

She narrated to the two sector leaders how the hospital had pocketed over Shs30m already and was still demanding more. She was acting on behalf of the family after they contacted her seeking help being her constituents. To her suprise, even when she got involved as a big-name legislator, the hospital didn’t bulge demanding for a total of Shs90m before the corpse could be released.

“I told them I’m here. I’m an MP you can have all my particulars and they never heeded. I was concerned their refusal to release Dr. Kizito’s body was in total violation of Islamic traditions which require instant burial.” Nambooze says even after she committed herself in writting that the money would subsequently be paid, the hospital administrators stuck to their guns. Besides the Shs30m paid earlier, the family managed to raise another Shs20m before concluding more couldn’t be raised having reached out to all Dr. Kizito’s extended family members. “They went as far as recording me promising to ensure their balance will be paid and this was after even the Minister Aceng, who is my sister and good friend, had intervened.”

Nambooze says, because of her busy schedule and not wanting to micro-manage things, Aceng spoke to Director General of Health Services Dr. Henry Mwebesa imploring him to expect her call. “My good sister and friend Dr. Aceng shared his phone number but the gentleman never took my very many calls. Neither did he call back and that’s how I resorted to calling Dr. Atwine. She promptly picked and offered to help. She indeed spoke to the hospital but also explained to me that her hands were tied because the law, in its current form, doesn’t empower her to interfere with the way private hospitals charge their patients,” said Nambooze.

That later in the evening, Dr. Atwine was shocked to learn from her in the subsequent phone call that Dr. Kizito’s body was still being detained by the Kololo-based hospital. Nambooze says that Dr. Atwine offered to speak to the hospital once again seeking to understand what wasn’t happening. In her submission, Nambooze said, much as she was disappointed with Dr. Mwebesa’s elusiveness, she was enthused by the promptness with which the two-Atwine and Aceng-acted on her issue and the enthusiasm with which they did their best.

The very outspoken NUP MP also contrasted the ease with which Atwine and Aceng took her frequent phone calls, seeking help, with their supposed surbodinate Mwebesa who never picked nor called back even after many days. The truth is that Dr. Mwebesa is one characteristically very introverted technocrat who rarely takes phone calls nor return missed calls. He seldom responds to text or whatsapp messages. Nambooze is merely the latest and one of the many, including journalists and State House officials, who have suffered his wrath. In Dr. Kizito’s death at just 36 years, Nambooze says the Mukono community lost a kind medic who was in the process of operationalizing his own private hospital called Mukono International Hospital. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 




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