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By Mulengera Reporter

Alhaji Moses Kigongo has hinged his re-election campaign for the National Resistance Movement (NRM) First National Vice Chairperson position on three pillars, including managing youth participation in politics and development.

According to Kigongo, the big push of young Ugandans is “one of the biggest challenges at this time.” Noting that 15 million out of the 18.7 million registered voters are young people below 40 years, Kigongo believes elders in NRM can work well with the youth to steer the party forward and sustain President Yoweri Museveni’s development agenda.

“As such we have a big task to mentor and to guide the young people to prepare them for leadership positions in the country. However, from our experience; the young people regard and respect the advice and guidance of elders who are not in active competitive politics,” says Kigongo.

“They are considered reliable and trusted for the purpose of grooming. I believe I am one of such dependable elders and confidants of the young people. This wave of the young people cannot be taken for granted or wished away. We need to be able to manage their steamy but unguided participation.”

Kigongo is also expected to convince delegates to vote him so that he and the party leadership can continue with the NRM legacy of transforming Ugandans as the country moves to realize the middle income status, and as the push for East African Federation continues.

As a key member of the party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC), Kigongo also hopes to continue to uphold NRM values and principles such as Patriotism, Pan Africanism, Socio-economic transformation, and Democracy. With his experience in NRM politics spanning decades, Kigongo believes he is better placed to uphold the party values, than anyone else, including his competitor Capt Francis Babu.

“The CEC is the highest organ of the party which sets the party’s agenda, plays an oversight role and is tasked to guide the party and to promote discipline and ethics among the members. The members of CEC ought to be very senior, highly experienced, loyal, reliable and dependable.  If we have persons that lack the ideology and values of the party this may destroy the party,” he says.

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