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By Mulengera Reporters

Being your home of exclusives, Mulengera News hereby returns to update the story of today Saturday’s NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting that was held in Entebbe State House under the chairmanship of Gen YK Museveni who is both President of Uganda National Chairman for the ruling NRM party. In our part I of the CEC exclusives, we (a short while ago) broke the news of ex-MP Emmanuel Ddombo and others getting lucrative assignments as Directors at NRM headquarters (see related reporting here; And we hereby return with more updates.

During the same CEC meeting that was well attended, NRM 1st national vice chairman the elderly Moses Kigongo took advantage of the plenary session to controversially propose that the ruling party uses its numerical strength in Parliament to marshal through the necessary legal engineering to ensure that Justice Simon Byabakama’s EC is permitted to initially organize elections for only President and MPs while indefinitely postponing polling for other leadership positions like that of Lord Mayor, LC5 Chairpersons and local council councilors and Sub County (LC3) Chairpersons.

The Kigongo proposal, which initially shocked many before the authoritative-talking Hajji from Butambala explained details, will, if successfully pushed through, affect other local government elective positions including Municipalities and Town Council mayors. The longer Kigongo spoke, the more his proposal gained acceptability among majority CEC members. Gen Museveni didn’t immediately give his views on this proposal that is likely to create great political anxiety across the country where the EC upcoming electioneering season could in the end create more than 1.5m political jobs and positions only obtainable through elections.

As some influential CEC members nodded in approval, the highly experienced Kigongo explained that this can be justified on grounds that there is Coronavirus pandemic that has constrained the country’s resources and the EC operations on top of creating plenty of anxiety and uncertainty in the country. The Hajji, whose views are always respected in such ruling NRM meetings because of his seniority and role in the bush war, further explained that postponing local council elections would enable the ruling party to initially concentrate its financial and human resources on winning the presidential and parliamentary vote which he said is the most important.

That the resounding victory achieved at both President and Parliamentary levels would badly demoralize the opposition while emboldening the ruling party to prepare for a clean sweep of all the local government positions whose polling can be organized later on. That postponing the local council elections (including the Kampala Mayorship) would also enable the ruling party to buy time and organize better on how to win all the subsequent elections once the legislature and presidency is clearly under their control. That it will also help to decongest the implementation of ruling party’s own roadmap to be able to comply with the dictates of the EC’s revised road map.

On buying into the Kigongo proposal, consensus emerged at the CEC meeting that the legal minds working for the party be allowed time to sit with the Attorney General William Byaruhanga (through the weekend) and author a comprehensive legal opinion that can guide members at the subsequent CEC meeting which Gen Museveni has scheduled for Tuesday 22nd June. It will be a resumption of today’s CEC session that was halted to enable members have sufficient time to consult on the workability of the Kigongo proposal. Once CEC passes this proposal, subject to the legal advice that will come from the lawyers, GCW Ruth Nankabirwa will then have the assignment to market the same among the NRM caucus members in Parliament to secure the necessary numbers for the same to have the legislative ratification for the EC (whose chairman Byabakama says the revised road map he proclaimed earlier this week remains work in progress and subject to further adjustments) to be able to legally adopt the same.

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