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By Mulengera Reporters

Last Thursday 30th July, three leading contenders for Kyaddondo East MP Seat were summoned to Magere “State House” for some political meeting with the NUP Party President Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi Sentamu. His mission was to initiate negotiations that must result into two of them bowing out for one to carry the NUP/PP flag.

It was a meeting of four namely lawyer Bobi, Nkunyingi Muwadda, Khalid Ssimbwa and Tony Sempebwa the much hated incumbent Kasangatti town council mayor. The trio is interested in the job and are badly counting on the Kyagulanyi endorsement.

Bobi Wine takes photo with the three Kyadondo East protagonists including whistle blower Khalid Simbwa (2nd left)

Kyagulanyi asked each one of them to make their case explaining why it has to be them and not anyone else. Khalid Ssimbwa, who has generously been funding Bobi long before he even joined politics, used the occasion to demonize Sempebwa who fortunately was present to defend himself. Ssimbwa had a very indicting recording which he played during the meeting of four held at Bobi’s Magere balcony.

In the recording Sempebwa can be heard receiving and appreciating cash from NRM and the deliverer being none other than a one Baker who actually is vying for Kasangatti Mayoral Seat. Ssimbwa cautioned Kyagulanyi to be careful or else he endorses proxies and 5th columnists planted in his NUP by Museveni’s ruling NRM. Sources say that a clearly deflated Sempebwa sweated profusely and at some point failed to even defend himself as he sunk into unconsciousness.

On recomposing himself, Sempebwa looked Bobi Wine in the eye and said “Your Excellence this is something I don’t intend to deny.” He that explained that it’s true he has been receiving such money for a long time through Baker but it was never for his personal benefit as Sempebwa. “It’s the money I have been using to deliver services for my electors and that is how we must make PP and now NUP popular. If we don’t deliver services using the offices we currently occupy as PP, voters will think we are non-performers and that is why I have been receiving that funding from NRM,” he explained.

Bobi Wine meeting the three Kyadondo East protagonists namely Nkunyingi Muwada, Khalid Simbwa and the repentant Tony Sempebwa

A tearful Sempebwa reportedly told Mr. Wine that he was ready to share all the records he has been keeping clearly showing what he has been doing with the money to serve the broader interests of his electors in Kasangatti Town Council whose geographical area is the same as the Kyaddondo East constituency which Kyagulanyi represents. “It’s the money I have been using to work on the roads and do all this service delivery by myself. Actually using money from the NRM to deepen service delivery is going to help all of us to indicate to the voters what PP has done for them in the last five years,” modestly-educated Sempebwa naively explained.


Bobi Wine has since realized that Sempebwa will be hard brand to sell to the voters because he is vastly a hated leader partly because he has occupied elected office for such a long time in Nangabo/Kasangatti Sub County. In his own Council, majority councilors have since ganged up on him and are prepared to support whoever PP/NUP fronts against him. Speaker Ashraf Sewaguma (formerly of FDC) is actually the campaign manager for one of Sempebwa rivals for the MP Seat and despises his mayor for being money-minded, opaque and disrespectful of fellow leaders. Other influential councilors like Kabubu parish’s Aaron Daniel Ddumba and Kiteezi Parish’s Batholomew Kabunga have all vowed to turn their back on Bobi Wine should his NUP party front the very unpopular Tony Sempebwa.

The poor vendors in markets resent Sempebwa for not doing enough to defend them against the rich trying to grab their markets. Some residents are angry the Sempebwa administration has encroached on their private land during road construction without paying them any compensation. Some Kyadondo East voters consider Sempebwa unfit because he rarely addresses council meetings in English preferring Luganda most of the time. Insisting he is another Seya in the making, some residents keep exchanging video recordings of the day he took oath while concentrating on how he struggled to pronounce some words in his 2016 inauguration proclamation.

Inside the Kyagulanyi household at Magere there are wide spread sentiments that ill-fated Sempebwa (the man from Kabanyolo) is just being ungrateful because Bobi Wine thanked him for his political support and loyalty by donating to him one of his very old vehicles immediately after taking oath as the new Kyaddondo East MP in August 2017. And now with Sempebwa increasingly proving to be hard brand to sell, Kyagulanyi will have to continue facilitating dialogue between Nkunyingi Muwadda and Khalid Ssimbwa so that the one who is politically least sophisticated gives way for the other. And this is extremely important because there is no way Kyagulanyi will force consensus elsewhere when PP/NUP has failed to agree on a joint candidate for his Kyaddondo East backyard. Succeeding in Kyaddondo will inspire weaker candidates elsewhere to pave way for stronger ones.

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