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By Mulengera Reporters


Newly nominated candidate or Kampala Central MP Seat, who is also the incumbent for the last 10 years, Mohammed Nsereko has vowed to politically deflate his challengers who chiefly include Fred Nyanzi of NUP, Cedric Babu of NRM and Harold Kaija of the FDC party. “I’m optimistic I will retain my seat notwithstanding the many that have come up to contest against me,” Nsereko told reporters.

Running on the independent ticket, the flamboyant politician says he will prioritize better planning in the city, advocating for a fairer taxation regime and lowering rent arcade owners charge on city traders. The eloquent legislator also rightly referenced on his excellent performance at both committee and plenary level in the last 10 years as justification for the voters to reelect him come January 2021.


NRM’s Babu is equally hopeful and says that there is a lot that has not been done by Nsereko and his predecessors for the country’s most urban constituency which actually also hosts the Parliament of Uganda. That there is still key problems like unemployment in the city coupled with poor sanitation which the incumbent hasn’t been adequately outspoken about. Kaija says there is need for legislation that facilitate the narrowing of the income inequality gap between the poor and rich city dwellers. The FDC Deputy SG is also promising to be the effective voice of Kampala’s voiceless once elected.

Mohammed Nsereko is favored to retain his Kampala Central MP Seat but must first overcome Fred Nyanzi and Cedric Babu

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