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By Mulengera Reporters

In his 13th August letter to Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, Gen Museveni makes a total of 7 new appointments to the bench. And these include 5 High Court Judges and two Court of Appeal postings.

Among the High Court postings is Florence Nakachwa, who is also one of the wives’ of Uganda’s polygamist Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo. Nakachwa, a strong professional lady and mentor in her own right, has for years been serving as Deputy Director for Law Development Center (LDC) where she has excelled serving as both lecturer and administrator.

Mulengera News understands that she is walking away from LDC following the enactment of a new administrative structure which abolished her position. The LDC will now have one Director General at the Center in Kampala who will be jointly deputized by regional Directors based at its upcountry campuses. The new structure will be becoming effective real soon and Nakachwa, who has been deputizing Frank Othembi, will not have to be part of that new order.

Her appointment as a Judge is something some of the MPs, sitting on the Speaker-chaired Appointments Committee of Parliament, would want to object to on grounds that her husband Dollo could easily be constrained when it comes to exercising his supervisory authority over her in his capacity as head of the bench where she will now be a member.

But one MP differed asserting that in a country where you have the President and wife serving in the same Cabinet, there is nothing to be morally ashamed about the reigning Chief Justice having his wife serve as a High Court Judge.

“I have been her student at LDC and I can tell you that lady is more than qualified for that High Court Judge position and in any case, her immediate supervisor will be the Principal Judge and not the Chief Justice though the two must tread carefully to ensure work doesn’t get complicated. Otherwise there is no way anyone can disentitle Florence Nakwachwa from getting a government job simply because her husband is CJ,” the legislator asserted.

Mulengera News is also aware that the situation of spouses serving as members of the bench isn’t totally unprecedented in the Ugandan judicial practice because until a few years ago Justice Albert Rugadya and his wife Alexandria Nkonge were both High Court Judges until the former clocked retirement age and exited. Whereas Justice Rugadya currently serves as the Chairman of the Immigration Control Board in the Internal Affairs Ministry, his very beautiful wife Alexandria (younger sister to Dr. Sarah Nkonge) is still a serving High Court Judge currently stationed in the Land Division.(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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